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What if I need additional time to complete my project?

What: A sponsored project account is established upon receipt of a signed agreement between an outside agency and Indiana University. The expiration date is considered the last date that transactions should be applied to the account.

Why: The start and stop dates applied to the account coincides with the project dates negotiated between the project director and the awarding agency.

How: As you draw near the expiration of your project and determination is made that additional time is required for completion of activities, approval must be obtained from the granting agency for a time extension. To start the extension process, you should first refer to your award documents to determine if there are any specific agency requirements when requesting an extension. (Federal agencies have differing requirements for one-time extensions.) Generally, a written request should be made to the funding agency stating the programmatic reason for additional time on the project and the desired date of completion. All extension requests are to be routed through the appropriate Office of Research Administration and often must be countersigned. Questions should be directed to the Office of Research Administration staff member for your account.

When a response is received from the agency, the Office of Research Administration staff member will update the account in the Financial Information System and notify the Project Director and departmental fiscal officer.

Agency Specific:

  • NIH: Grantees may submit notification of account extensions via e-mail.
  • NSF: Extension requests may be made through FastLane.
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