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The Office of Research Administration will prepare the final report/billing for submission to the agency. All final reports/billings are to be presented to the fiscal officer for approval before they are submitted to the agency. The total final expense figure as reported on the monthly operating statement should not exceed the total expense amount reported to the agency.

If required under the terms of the award, the Office of Research Administration staff member may request information related to patents or inventions created during the course of the award. Other close out information may be required. The Office of Research Administration staff member will contact the department or project director in such instances.

The department will transfer to a non-restricted account any expense that is charged after expiration which was not included in the final report/billing.

The department is responsible for covering any overdraft incurred on a sponsored project account. Other accounts within the sponsored project fund group may not be used to cover overdrafts unless specifically allowed by agency guidelines. Monthly notices of overdrafted accounts are sent to departments by the Office of Research Administration. If overdrafts are not covered by the department after notification, the Office of Research Administration will initiate the transfer.

Upon receipt of the final payment, the Office of Research Administration will book the payment to the account. The total income received should match the total expenditures creating a zero account balance. The Office of Research Administration staff member will close the account in the FIS. Once an account is marked "closed" no further transactions will be allowed.

Please note: Some agencies give us as little as 5 days to complete the close out process and submit the final reimbursement claim. Detail of expenditures not yet booked to the FIS must be provided by the fiscal officer in writing to the Office of Research Administration staff member for inclusion in the final report.


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