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NSF REU Participant Expense Guidance

REU Participants on NSF projects are never to be paid as employees. The mechanism for payment depends upon whether the individual is an IU student or not. Participant costs are set up in a separate account and restricted to the participant expenses. See the terms of the award for complete information.

Participant Expense – IU Students
If the student is enrolled at IU, the stipend and tuition payments are made through the Student Information System (SIS). This includes IU students who are not enrolled for the summer but were enrolled in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Participant Expense - NON IU Students
Non-IU students should be paid through the FIS using a Disbursement Voucher (DV). Use the object codes listed in the following table.

NSF Description Object Code Description Object Code
Participant Stipend - Undergraduate Research Scholarship 5860
Participant Stipend - Graduate & other Research Fellowship 5861
Participant Travel Transportation non employee 4089
Participant Subsistence (Room and Board) Transportation non employee 4089
Food budgeted for working meals (eg. Workshop), is generally set up under hospitality Contract & Grant Hospitality 4027
Other Project Supplies 4690

The following is required for all participants:

  • Offer and Acceptance letter, or email, for each participant
  • A roster of participants with their home institution identified
  • Payee certification form for recipients paid on DV


Participant support may not be used for other purposes without prior written approval from NSF. No F&A is charged on participant support costs.

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