Grants Finance & Operations

Analytics Team

Mission Statement

The Analytics Team, in collaboration with IU departments and Grant Services, mitigates IU's financial compliance risk on sponsored projects by performing financial analytics, resolving issues, and developing preventive solutions.

Exception Reports

  • Identify potentially unallowable or misclassified financial transactions
  • Identify data errors in KC Award and KFS Account information

In order to resolve exceptions, we consider OMB Circular A-21, FDP Expanded Authorities, agency and division policies and procedures, university policies, and award-specific terms and conditions. We also consult with IU Departments and Grant Services.

Once a transaction has been identified as unallowable, we move it to a departmental account. If a transaction is misclassified, we move it to the appropriate object code. Additionally, when data errors are identified, the KC Award node(s) or KFS accounts are updated.

Transaction Exceptions Report

The IUIE Transaction Exceptions report includes 27 different transaction exceptions in one report. It can be run by chart of accounts code, responsibility center code, organization code, fiscal year, fiscal period, and/or fiscal officer user ID. Please note that the exceptions in this report meet set criteria, but are not necessarily unallowable or misclassified; many false positives exist. When resolving this report, the Analytics Team scrubs the report and investigates remaining exceptions.

Monthly Neon Notices

At the beginning each month, the Analytics Team emails Neon Notices to fiscal officers or their delegates. Notices are emailed individually and include helpful information for addressing the issues identified in them.

Account Expiration NoticeNotifies the fiscal officer, or the delegate, of accounts that will expire within 90 days and to ensure that the account is finalized so that ORA can timely prepare the final financial report to the sponsor.

Accounts Receivable NoticeNotifies the fiscal officer, or the delegate, of accounts with accounts receivables that have been outstanding for over 90 days.

Cost Share Notice Notifies the fiscal officer or delegate of cost share subaccounts that have been effective for over 60 days but have no expense yet charged to them.

Overdraft Notice Notifies the fiscal officer or delegate of the accounts that have actual expenditures exceeding the award budget.

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