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Proposal Preparation & Submission

Create a Budget

How do I organize a budget?

Examine Guidelines

The agency guidelines will identify requirements and restrictions on budget items. The guidelines may also indicate the agency's policies on F&A costs.

Establish Format

Many agencies provide a format to follow and may even provide online tools to use (e.g., National Science Foundation FastLane). In those cases it is important to review the agency format first before beginning to work on your budget. You can avoid extra work if you begin with the categories and subtotals that the agency requires. If there is no format provided by the agency, you can follow a sample format available on the Forms, Sample & Guides page. The key is to group items by type of cost rather than activity (e.g., all salaries should be together with a subtotal).

Identify Project Costs

There are a variety of expenses that will need to be considered in organizing your budget request. Please refer to the Identify Project Costs page for detailed information about each cost.

Determine if cost share is required

Agencies sometimes require that the grantee institution share in the cost of projects. This is stated in the agency guidelines and in those cases the University contribution must appear in the budget. Learn More >

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