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2nd Edition       
May 3, 2011       
Kuali Coeus at Indiana University-Training has started! Please register now.
Training sessions for Kuali Coeus or KC started April 4th.
• Sessions will continue to be offered through
   the end of June.
• Sessions usually take place on Monday,
   Wednesday and Friday.
• Sessions are averaging around 15 participants.
• Over 300 individuals have already attended the
   training sessions.

Register for classes on the KC Training Sessions page
Submit a request for more personalized training or tailored presentations on the Feedback & Questions page
Where can I learn more about Kuali Coeus?
Beyond the training sessions, you can learn more about Kuali Coeus on the ORA website:
An overview of the Kuali Coeus and Kuali Financial implementations at IU can be found at
• Kuali Coeus will go–live this year.
- Phase I is July 23, 2011.
- Phase II is in December, 2012.
Kuali Coeus Tips
• Proposal Development and Budget documents have a lot of functionality. All of the
  fields that are visible within these documents are not required for submission.
• There are 8 fields that will initially require some data entry. This is the first step in
   starting a Proposal Development document.
• Kuali Coeus will be replacing ERA. Approved ERA routing forms will be converted
  to Kuali Coeus documents. ERA routing forms will still be viewable after go-live in July.
• Similar to ERA, there will be searches or lookups to help the individual find
  information. The searches or lookups are viewed by clicking on the magnifying
  glass icon.Magnifying glass
Stay tuned for more tips in the next newsletter…
What comes next?
For those of you interested in keeping track of how soon Kuali Coeus will be implemented, please see the new countdown timer on the ORA Website home page.
It looks like this….
KC Countdown timer
• Additional videos and training guides will be added to the ORA website.
• A transition plan from ERA to Kuali Coeus will be outlined.
• Prototyping of a new 'MyProposals' section in MyRA will be started.
• Existing ERA reports and datagroups in IUIE will be converted.
• Information on KC will be added to the IU Knowledgebase or KB.
• Announcements will be added to OnCourse and OneStart.
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