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3rd Edition       
June 3, 2011       
Kuali Coeus at Indiana University - Are You Ready? Kuali Coeus is coming...July 23, 2011!
• There are two training classes being offered:
Getting Started and Proposal Development
Proposal Budget, Workflow and
Note: Please sign-up for both of them to get as much KC information as possible.
• There are 26 training classes left before the release
  of Kuali Coeus.
• Sign up for classes on the KC Training Sessions page
NEW! KC Training for Clinical Trials - Six sessions
  scheduled for June 27, 29 and 30
• Access the KC Training Environment to get familiar with
  OneStart and Kuali Coeus
Update on Demos and Presentations
In addition to the training classes, demos and presentations have been conducted to help spread the news about Kuali Coeus!
  Over 100 individuals have attended a demo or presentation. Over 50 actual demos and presentations. Presentation s were made to both Faculty and Staff.  
Please feel free to request a demo or presentation for your school, unit or group on the Feedback & Questions page. Or, send an email to
Kuali Coeus Tips
• Similar to ERA, Kuali Coeus has...
- an 'Approver View' screen
- an ability to template or copy proposals and budgets
- attachment capabilities
- workflow and routing, document search and action list resources
• In the past, you may have received e-mail notifications from both ERA and Enterprise
  Workflow. As of July 23, 2011, however, e-mail notifications will be sent out of Kuali
  Enterprise Workflow only.
It will be important to change your notification preference within OneStart, if you wish to continue receiving e-mails. You can select immediate, daily, weekly and none.
• The ERA Routing Form Tracking Number is the same as the KC Proposal Number.
  Approved ERA Routing Forms that have been converted into KC will have this number
  for reference. You can use this number to help when searching.
• Wildcards can be used on lookups or searches. The asterisk (*) is a common wildcard.
Suggestions for Improvement
We are listening to you!
All feedback and suggestions are captured during training, demos and presentations. This helps us ensure that the implementation will be successful.
Here are just a few suggestions we are working on for you:
• Create a training guide on NIH Modular Budgets
• Form a user group
• Provide a comparison on ERA fields to KC fields
Great suggestions!
Please continue offering suggestions on the Feedback & Questions page!
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