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Indiana University
Office of Research Administration Newsletter
5th Edition       
July 2011       
Kuali Coeus (KC) is almost here!!
• Please submit ERA routing forms early enough to
  ensure they make it through final routing and approval
  by Friday, July 22nd.
If your routing form is not approved it will be cancelled and you will need to re-enter this information into KC.
• The Office of Research Administration (ORA) can
  answer any questions regarding your transition from
  ERA to KC.
Please be sure to look at the KC Support and Help information found on the ORA Website under KC Systems:
  Grant Services Bloomington
Phone: (812) 855-0516
E-mail: resdev@indiana.edu
  Grant Services Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 278-3473
E-mail: srsinfo@iupui.edu
• Additional KC Training Sessions will be conducted in
  August and September. These sessions will be
  available for registration after July 23rd.
How do you approve a Proposal Development
Step 1: You will be sent an approval e-mail from ONESTART WORKFLOW.
- The subject of the e-mail will be "Action List Reminder".
- The first line in the e-mail will state
  "Your Action List has an eDoc (electronic document) that
   needs your attention:"
Step 2: A URL will be provided within the e-mail to help you. Click on the URL
              listed directly below the wording "To respond to this eDoc:"
Step 3: Once you click on the URL, you will be taken to the Approver View page
              for your specific Proposal Development document.
Step 4: Review the information found on the Approver View page.
              Navigate to other pages within the document to see more details.
Step 5: Click the Approve or Disapprove button on the Approver View page.
Important Approver Tips
• You may have received e-mail notifications from both ERA and Enterprise Workflow
    in the past. However, as of July 23rd, e-mail notifications will be sent from ONESTART
    WORKFLOW only.
• To ensure that you receive prompt e-mail notification for your Proposal Development
   documents, click the URL listed below to set e-mail notifications to immediate only for
   these KC documents: http://researchadmin.iu.edu/kc_workflow.php
• The Approver View page presents summary information on the Proposal and Budget.
   It will also present the certification questions for PIs and Co-PIs.
• A Quick Start guide has been created to assist you with the Approver View page.
• A Supplemental guide has been created to assist you with the Workflow Preferences.
Transition Plan – ERA to KC
What are the key dates?
  Key Date  Overview
 July 20th

  Final day for new routing forms to be
  created within ERA.

  Note: It is suggested that you submit early enough to
  ensure that any routing forms make it through final
  routing and approval by Friday, July 22nd.
 July 21st

  ERA will no longer allow users to create new
  routing forms.

  Note: If there is an emergency submission required,
  ORA Grant Consultants can assist you.
 July 22nd

  All ERA documents must be routed and approved.

  After 8pm, approved ERA routing forms will be
  converted into KC documents.
 July 23rd

Thumbs up!

  8am to noon
  ERA will be deployed as "Read-Only".

  Final validation will occur on the KC system,
  any batch jobs and reports in the IU Data

  The new KC production system will be
  available for use.

  Announcements will go out to the user community.
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