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Life after Go-Live!!
News Flash
Since the release of Kuali Coeus (KC) on July 23rd, we have had the following:
 Over 1,200 Unique users access the system
 12 submissions
 Over 1,300 Proposal Development Documents initiated
We have made several improvements to the Kuali Coeus system since we
went live. Many of these improvements are a direct result of feedback from
users! Changes include:
 Time Extension was added as an option in the Revision Type drop-down menu;
 Notes (equivalent to the comment field in ERA) may now be added even after a
   document has been fully approved;
 Users may now add and/or manage abstracts and attachments after the Proposal
   Development document has been submitted into routing;
 The Opportunity ID has been added to the Proposal Development search options;
 Grant Services staff have the ability to change responses on the Questions Tab
   (if requested by the user), to proposals already in routing;
 Rolodex entries may not be edited; a new entry must be created.
Watch for Additional Changes Coming in the Near Future!
 Remove the requirement for users to allocate Unrecovered F&A on the
   Distribution & Income Tab;
 Make Sponsor Deadline Type a required field; and remove the validation warning
   message for the Sponsor Deadline Time;
 Add the Special Review Tab (i.e. animal subjects, human subjects, etc.) as a
   mandatory item for completion.
Training Sessions continue in October and November
Just a reminder, additional KC sessions are now available for registration.
 You can register for the KC Training Sessions on the ORA Website.
 If you would like a more personalized training or a tailored presentation
   for your group, please submit an online request to Feedback & Questions
   on the ORA Website.
Kuali Coeus Tips
Be Careful Adding Ad-Hoc Recipients
TIPPlease review the Route Log carefully prior to adding any Ad-Hoc Recipients. Be aware
               that if a person is added to Approve, then the Proposal will be routed to that individual
               before anyone else in the routing chain (including the PI). This could cause a delay in the
               approval process.
Using KC Wildcards (asterisk = shift-8) for Searching
TIPRemember to use the asterisks (shift-8) as wildcards when performing searches. For
               example: when searching for the National Science Foundation as the Sponsor, enter
               *nat*science*found* to ensure all appropriate entries are returned. If wildcards are not
               used and the exact text is not entered, the desired results will not be returned.
Kuali Coeus can be accessed through links in OneStart
TIPThe KC system is very robust. Many of the documents are accessed through links.
               OneStart allows all of the links to be presented in one location. In the future, OneStart
               will also have the ability to show or hide links depending upon whether an individual is
               a Researcher, Unit/Department Administrator or Central Administrator.
E-mail Preferences can be set to 'Immediate' for Proposal Development Documents
TIPTo ensure that you receive prompt e-mail notification for your Proposal Development
               documents, click the URL listed below to set your e-mail notifications to immediate only
               for these KC documents:
Approval e-mails from ONESTART WORKFLOW are confusing
TIPIndividuals are not sure which URL to click on when they receive the e-mail.
               Please click on the URL listed directly below the wording "To respond to this eDoc:"
               This will allow individuals to get into the specific document requiring approval.
Ad-Hoc Permissions and approvers are not the same
TIPAdding an individual to ad-hoc permissions only allows them to view the document.
               They will not be treated as an approver.
Help is just a phone call or e-mail away!
TIPPlease be sure to look at the KC Support and Help information found on
               the ORA Website under KC Systems:
  Grant Services Bloomington
Phone: (812) 855-0516
  Grant Services Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 278-3473
What happens next with Kuali Coeus?
Project Teams will continue to implement additional functionality over the next year. Here are just a few items:
   Proposal Hierarchy    Award
   Sponsor Hierarchy    Award Hierarchy
   Medusa – sounds intriguing!!!    Award Budget
KFS on the Horizon: Kuali Coeus will be integrated with the new Kuali Financial System in December, 2012. There will be future announcements about the implementation of the Kuali Financial System. Visit for further information!
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