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Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
What Are the Plans for 2012?
  Key Dates  Overview of Milestones
 Spring 2012

  Release New Central Office Functionality

     • Proposal Log – allows ORA to create an Institutional
       Proposal when no Proposal Development document

     • Institutional Proposal – establishes institutional record

     • Sponsor Hierarchy – relates sponsors in a hierarchy

  Release New General User Functionality

     • Proposal Hierarchy - users can combine multiple
       development proposals into one parent proposal

 Summer 2012

  Release New Version Kuali Coeus 4.0

     • Addresses some bugs and offers new functionality

  Release Rice 2.0 (Workflow)

     • User identification management and integration of IU
       business practices

 Winter 2012

  Release Awards Module

     • Implementation of Awards Module will integrate KC
       proposal budget with KFS award

     • KFS Release occurs

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Kuali Coeus Tips
Routing for Key Personnel
TIPIf a detailed budget is created in Kuali Coeus, the units of all personnel included on the
               budget will pull into the routing automatically. If only a summary budget is completed and
               personnel are added on the Key Personnel tab, you must also add their unit(s) to the
               Other IU Units panel on the Proposal tab so that the document will route appropriately.
Output Forms
TIPWe are currently working on improving the Output Forms for printing a budget and printing
               basic proposal information. Look for improvements in these output forms in the near future!
Remember to Use the Close Button!
TIPWhen exiting the system, click on the Close Button rather than using the back-arrow. You
               can also click on the browser "X" to close the browser. The use of the back-arrow may
               cause an error. Closing the browser with the "X", locks the document and others will not be
               able to edit it.
Abstracts and Attachments Tab
TIPAttaching an Internal Budget: Click on the Abstracts and Attachments Tab > Click on the
               Internal Attachments Panel > Select Attachment Type > Select Internal Budget > Complete
               the Description Field > Attach the budget document > Click Add
TIPPersonnel Attachments: Click on the Abstracts and Attachments Tab > Click on the
               Personnel Attachments Panel > Select a Person > Select Attachment Type > Complete the
               Description Field > Attach the Personnel Attachment > Click Add
Help is just a phone call or e-mail away!
TIPPlease be sure to look at the KC Support and Help information found on the ORA Website
               under KC Systems:
  Grant Services Bloomington
Phone: (812) 855-0516
  Grant Services Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 278-3473

Update on Training Sessions
IUIE Reporting Sessions - New
Hands-on report training sessions in the IUIE environment will be held at the Indianapolis and
Bloomington campuses in January 2012. If you run reports on KC data in IUIE these sessions
are for you! Register for one session only.
   Indianapolis Training Sessions
    Wednesday, January 18th 10:00 am – 12:00 noon IT 270
    1:30 pm – 3:30 pm IT 271

   Bloomington Training Sessions
    Tuesday, January 24th 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
Poplars 183
    1:30 pm – 3:30 pm Poplars 183
Future Proposal Development, Budget Development and Grants.Gov Sessions
In 2012, Grant Services Administration will provide Proposal Development, Budget Development
and Training on a quarterly basis. Check the ORA Website for training sessions!
Supplemental Training Guides Available - New
 Searching / Lookup Tips & Tricks: This guide shows various search and lookup options
  including a variety of ways to search for documents, people, sponsors, organizations, or
 Entering Personnel in a Budget Document: This guide shows the steps for adding personnel
  to the proposal development budget; how to add Summer Salary to a budget; and how to add
  Practice Plan personnel lines in the proposal development budget.

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