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Office of Research Administration Newsletter 9th Edition, Feb. 8, 2012
Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
Let's Take a Closer Look at KC
New Features You'll Want to Investigate!

Special Review Tab is

  • Now Required to be Completed for Routing

The Special Review tab is used to indicate that IRB, IACUC or Biosafety activity will be involved in the proposed project. If no review is required, then users must enter "None" as the Special Review Type and "None" as the Approval Status. Be sure to click the "Add" button to save this selection in the document.

Sponsor Deadline TYPE is

  • Now a Required Field

In the Proposal tab > Sponsor & Program Information panel, the Sponsor Deadline TYPE (Postmark; Receipt; Target) must be selected before the proposal is submitted into routing.  A validation error will occur if the Sponsor Deadline Type is not selected.

Validation Warning for Sponsor Deadline TIME has

  • Been Removed

Users will no longer receive a validation warning message if the Sponsor Deadline TIME is not entered.

Changes to

  • Adobe Forms B2 Package

The updated SF424 (Adobe-Forms-B2) electronic application forms package is now available in the system. Please note that this update relates to the System-to-System proposals and not the general application package. As always, applicants should carefully read the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) and the appropriate Application Guide for program-specific instructions before completing their application.

Getting Help:

KC YTD Activity: Unique Users: 2077, Proposals Created: 3141, S2S: 38







New Fixes You'll Want to Check Out!
Fix #1: Proposal Attachment Types for Documents Have Been Modified
 The list of Proposal Attachment Types for proposal submissions has been shortened.
Fix #2: Direct Inquiry Button Direct Inquiry Button
 When a user closes the Direct Inquiry window, the Proposal Development Document will no longer close.
Fix #3: Future Action Requests Message
 The question "Do you want to receive Future Action Requests?" will now be presented for all Approvers with multiple approval requests in the routing chain. If you do not want to receive future requests, answer "No".
Fix #4: Document Routing Before Certification Questions Answered
 The PI should no longer be able to approve their Proposal Development Documents without answering the Certification questions. There were a few instances where the approval occurred without the certification questions being answered.
Fix #5: Action Request E-mails
 The words "KC – TEST" in the subject line have been removed from the Action Request e-mails.

Kuali Coeus Tips
Canceling Proposal Development Documents
TIPProposal Development documents can be cancelled before being placed in routing. Once a document is routed it can't be cancelled. Instead, the next Approver in the routing chain should click on the Disapprove button.
Use of the AdHoc Approver Option
TIPA reminder that use of the Adhoc Approver option is discouraged. Normally it is more appropriate to add the Unit to the Other IU Units sub-panel in the Proposal Tab > Organization/Location panel.
Output Forms
TIPWe are currently working on improving the Output Forms for printing a budget and printing basic proposal information. Look for improvements in these output forms in the near future!
Browser Tips
TIPSome users are finding that Internet Explorer may prevent their access to some pages. Adding * as a trusted Internet site will allow your browser to seamlessly recognize system pages. Many users report that accessing the KC system via Firefox results in faster performance.
Performance Site DUNS Number in
TIPIf you have a performance site that does not have a DUNS number then enter the site in the Performance Site panel. If the performance site does have a DUNS number then the data should be entered in the Other Organizations panel. If the DUNS number still does not populate the form, please contact your Grant Services Administrator to have it added to the system.
Unallocated Cost Share Validation Warning
TIPOnce the Budget Status is marked Complete/Final, a validation warning message may appear that states, "The unallocated cost share amount may exceed the cost share included in the budget." Please click the Fix button to verify the Unallocated Amount. If the Unallocated Amount is $0.00, submit the proposal into routing. If the Unallocated Amount has parenthesis around it, i.e. ($500.00), you may want to edit this amount. The Budget Status must be changed back to Incomplete before editing can occur.
*Please note this is a validation warning message only. It will not prevent the proposal from being submitted into routing*
Unallocated Cost Share Error
TIPCost Share Error – Some people have had the KC system indicating that unallocated cost share exists, even when cost share has been allocated. We are working on fixing this issue.
Help is just a phone call or e-mail away!
TIPPlease be sure to look at the KC Support and Help information found on the ORA Website under KC Systems:
  Grant Services Bloomington
Phone: (812) 855-0516
  Grant Services Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 278-3473
Update on Training Sessions!
KC v4.0 Upgrade Training is Coming in JUNE!
KC will be upgraded to v 4.0 this summer. Join us for training and get a firsthand look at the new features and upgrades! Stay tuned for more information.
Proposal Development, Budget Development, and Training Offered Quarterly
Grant Services Administrators are offering Proposal Development, Budget Development, and Training on a quarterly basis on the IUB and IUPUI campuses. Register for a class as a newbie; or register to refresh and enhance your skills!

Check out the ORA Website to register.

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