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Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
KC Feature Highlights
Let’s talk about System-to-System

SF 424 R&R Applicant Information – Lead Unit (Block 5)

The Lead Unit will display as the IU Department. Per the NIH SF424 R&R Application Guide, this is the correct information.

Project/Performance Site Location(s)

If the performance site does not have a DUNS number (i.e. Mojave Desert, IU lab location), enter the data in the Organization/Location panel > Performance Site Locations sub-panel.

If the performance site does have a DUNS number (i.e. Purdue University, University of Michigan), enter the data in the Organization/Location panel > Other Organizations sub-panel.

PHS 398 Checklist, Inventions and Patents Section

Remember to answer ‘N/A’ on the Questions Tab > Proposal Questions # 5 if there are no patents. Answering ‘No’ states that there are patents that have not been reported.

PHS Cover Page Supplement

The county does not populate. This is not required and will not cause a error if left blank.

Prefix and Suffix Fields

These data fields display on a number of forms for Key Personnel and are not in Kuali Coeus. They are not required and will not cause an error if left blank.

Getting Help:

Contact us:
Help is just a phone call
or e-mail away!
Grant Services Bloomington
      Phone: (812) 855-0516

Grant Services Indianapolis
      Phone: (317) 278-3473




Let’s talk about Proposal Hierarchy

What is a Proposal Hierarchy?

Proposal Hierarchy enables users to combine multiple Proposal Development documents into a single master proposal. This will create two proposal tiers: The Parent Proposal and the Child Proposal(s).

When will Proposal Hierarchy be Available?

It is anticipated that Proposal Hierarchy will be available during the Summer of 2012.

How can I learn more about Proposal Hierarchy?

Contact the Grant Services Office on your respective campus.

New Fixes to Check Out!
Fix #1: ‘Acknowledge’ option removed as an Ad Hoc Action
  The ‘Acknowledge’ option has been removed as an option for Ad Hoc routing. The FYI option is still available.
Fix #2: Validation Warning Message
 Validation warning messages will now appear once a proposal development document is in routing.
Fix #3: Validation Warning Message TEXT Updated
 The Validation Warning Message now reads: “Validation Warning exists. Do you wish to approve? To view the issue causing the Warning, click on the Proposal Actions tab > Data Validation panel. Turn on the Data Validation and click the fix button. Make corrections as appropriate. A Validation Warning will not prevent the document from routing."
Fix #4: Inactive units may no longer be selected
 The system has been set so that inactive IU units may no longer be selected as lead units for a proposal development document or identified in the route chain.
Fix #5: Answering ‘No’ to Validation Warning Message
 The system will return the user to the Proposal Development document if they answer ‘No’ to a Validation Warning.
Fix #6: Ad-Hoc Approvers May Approve Before PI
 Ad-Hoc approvers may now approve a document before the PI/Co-I certification occurs without locking the document.
Kuali Coeus Tips
Questions Tab
TIPSeveral of the answers in the Questions Tab are pre-populated; other questions need to be completed relative to the specific proposal development document. Make sure responses to all questions are correct prior to the PI approving the documents. This assures that questions are not answered incorrectly. These questions map to system-to-system forms or they trigger internal routing Workflow notifications.
Browser Tips
TIPSome users are finding that Internet Explorer may prevent their access to some pages. Adding * as a trusted Internet site will allow your browser to seamlessly recognize system pages. Many users report that accessing the KC system via Firefox results in faster performance.
Expediting Search Results
TIPSearching for a person in the system entering the username, rather than the first and last name, will result in expedited search results.

Fringe Benefit Rates Updated

TIPThe fringe benefit rates for 2012-2013 are now updated in the system. Please begin using these rates for any grant proposals with a start date of July 1, 2012, or after. This information is also posted on the ORA website on the IU Rates page.
Data Validation and the Budget Distribution and Income Tab
TIPIf a Validation Error generates regarding the Budget not being marked Complete and Final, there may be an issue in the Distribution and Income tab. You must navigate to that tab to view the specific error.
Contact Your Grant Services Administrator Before Routing!
TIPTo expedite the proposal development process it is helpful if Grant Services can review your Proposal Development document before it is submitted into routing. Grant Services Administrators can many times identify proposal or budget related problems or issues before routing occurs. This can save you time and effort by correcting errors in advance!
Access the System easily from the ORA website
The Access Quick Links button provides easy navigation to important resources including KC and it appears on virtually every ORA web page!
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