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New Features Becoming Active on July 1, 2012
On July 1st, there will be a number of new KC features activated. The features are used primarily by Grants Services in the Office of Research Administration (ORA), but you may notice that more information will be available within your Proposal Development document.

Institutional Proposal becomes the document of record



• Once a proposal is submitted to a Sponsor, an Institutional Proposal (IP) document is created for the proposal. The IP becomes the document of record and replaces the FIS Proposal document.

• To reference a proposal you may refer to the IP number or the FIS proposal number. When FIS is retired in December 2012, FIS proposal numbers will no longer be generated.

Entire proposed budget amount posted in Institutional Proposal

• FIS captures only the amount of the first budget period.

• The IP document shows both the first budget period and the total proposed budget amount.

IU Institutional Reporting on Credit Split begins






• IU creates a number of regular reports on the number of proposals, number of awards, and amounts. See the Data & Reports page on the
ORA Website.

• Beginning July 1st, reports will be generated based upon the KC credit split rather than the submitting unit of the Principal Investigator.

• All Investigators should negotiate the appropriate Intellectual and F&A credit splits before the Proposal Development document is routed.

• KC offers a default button which will automatically assign 100% of Intellectual and the F&A credit split to the Principal Investigator. If an investigator(s) desires the credit to be split in a different way, it must be defined in the appropriate credit split field.

Getting Help:

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KC in the News
Kuali Coeus and Kuali Financial Systems are integrating in December!
• In December 2012, KC and KFS will integrate at the Award module. Stay tuned for more information in the future!
The City of Bloomington has recently implemented Kuali People Management
• The City of Bloomington is now taking advantage of the Time and Attendance modules within Kuali People Management for the Enterprise (KPME). This marks the first production use of KPME by a municipal organization!
Kuali Coeus Tips
Templated Documents and FIS Proposal Number
TIPSee Proposal tab Required Fields for Saving Document panel Institutional Fields Conditionally Required sub-panel:

• If a Proposal Development document is copied to use as a template for another proposal, the FIS Proposal Number must be deleted.

• If the number is not deleted in the templated Proposal Development document, a new FIS proposal number will not be generated when the proposal is approved.

Lobbying Certification Question
TIPSee Lobbying Certification Question “If application is to a federal sponsor, have any lobbying activities been or will any be conducted regarding this proposal?”

• The question applies to both Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators.

• The question includes Federal-pass-through proposals.

• The N/A option should be selected on non-federal proposals only.

Kuali Coeus Budgets
TIPSee Budget Document Parameters tab Budget Periods & Totals panel:

• If the Proposal Development document is a request for new or additional funds, a budget must be completed.

• An excel spreadsheet or sponsor budget form may be used, however, the Direct Cost, F&A Cost and Total Amounts must be entered in the KC budget.

• The Direct Cost, F&A Cost and Total Amounts in KC will populate the FIS Proposal document. If these fields are left blank, the proposal dollars will not display in the FIS.

Kuali Coeus v4.0 Information Sessions scheduled for July 2012
The goal of the KC v4.0 Information Sessions is to present details of the system upgrade from KC v3.0.1 (the version that is currently in production) to KC v4.0. These 60 minute information sessions are designed to give users a look at what is coming in KC v4.0 later this summer!

Please note, the information sessions are being conducted at both the Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses. We look forward to seeing you at either location.

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