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KC v4.0 GO LIVE Edition   
August 15, 2012   
Thank you for your patience and support!
Here is a snapshot of what’s new in KC v4.0:
  • In the Proposal Development Document, on the Personnel Tab, a new checkbox will exist for Multiple Principal Investigators;
  • In the Personnel Tab, additional information can be populated in the new Extended Details sub-panel;
  • A field to enter total direct cost limit is now available if an agency specifies a limit on budget spending. The total direct cost limit excludes F&A;
  • In the Budget Parameters Tab, a new checkbox will exist to identify if cost share is being submitted overall, and within the line-item details;
  • Once a proposal is submitted, a new “Return to Portal” button is available to return the user to the KC entry screen. If the KC entry screen is not open, it will return the user to the prior window;
  • The PI Certification Questions have a new format; same questions – just easier to read and;
  • The Print Forms panel has a new view allowing users to select individual forms to print. The actual forms will be available in future releases.
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