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Kuali Coeus Award is Coming!!!
The Kuali Coeus (KC) Award module will integrate with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) in December of 2012. The link between KFS and KC is made through the KC Award and the KFS Account. The link is maintained on the KC side with a KC Award associated with a KFS Account.
What are the benefits of Kuali Coeus Award?
  • Fiscal Officers, Department Administrators, and other IU staff, with the appropriate permissions can view Award data;
  • KC will push data to KFS to streamline the creation of KFS Accounts and KFS Budget Adjustment documents;
  • KFS will leverage data from KC Award, replacing logic in the FIS Contracts and Grant module, and;
  • KC Award will display basic Award data in the KFS Account Inquiry.
How will Kuali Coeus Award affect Effort Certification?
  • The KC Award Module allows Effort Certification to route to the Principal Investigator (PI), even if they don’t have standard KFS access;
  • KC Award uses the PI role in KC to route to the PI in KFS, populating the PI’s One Start Action List;
  • This removes the need for printing documents for PI signature, and;
  • Provides a more formal audit trail for certifications.

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How can I get training on the KC Award Module?
A complete schedule of KC Award Module training sessions is available on the ORA website. These training sessions will be held on both the IUPUI and IUB campuses in computer laboratories for hands-on experience!
More About MyRA!
New features found in MyCompliance, MyEducation, and MyAwards!
MyCompliance: COI
Conflict of Interest (COI) is a new section under MyCompliance reflecting information on when current and past COI disclosures have been submitted. Click on the COI button to review the status of disclosures.
Once the COI button has been clicked, the Conflict of Interest Disclosure History view appears. In this view the current and past disclosures are listed. Only the PI or delegate is able to view details of the disclosures.
The MyEducation dashboard shows whether or not the PI has completed COI training. This field is populated once a PI clicks on the acknowledge button in the new COI form.
 *Note:   Projected figure. Assumes indirect costs are based on Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) base.
The F&A Encumbrances are projected in the report Expense Summary (by account) view. The percentage calculated illustrates the percentage of the entire project that has been encumbered to date.
Reporting changes for KC Institutional Proposal
Changes to PDQs listed in the IUIE Research Administration Institutional Proposal (IP) folder include the following:

  • All Institutional Proposal IUIE Datagroups & Pre-defined Queries (PDQs)
    • Datagroups
      • Includes Credit Split (Intellectual and F&A) data
    • PDQs Reports
      • Will only return records with a create date of July 1, 2011 or greater
      • Includes the option to view data by Credit Split (Intellectual Only)
  • Reports where the title has changed but with the same functionality as the legacy report
    • Proposals by Agency is now titled Proposals by Sponsor
    • Proposals by Agency Type is now titled Proposals by Sponsor Type
TIP If you wish to add the new KC IP reports to your IUIE My Catalog (Shortcuts) or the Quick View, please see the respective links below for instructions.
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KFS implementation date selected for December
A date has been set for the implementation of the Kuali Financial System. The conversion from the FIS to KFS will begin on Saturday, December 22. The KFS project team will share more information about the implementation as it becomes available.

Below are some good references related to the KFS Implementation:

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