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KC and KFS Integration:
What does it all mean?
The Kuali Coeus (KC) Award module will integrate with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) in December. There are several key integration points, but the primary integration point is between the KC Award and the KFS Account.
Overview of KC and KFS Integration Points

KC Award will be linked to a KFS Account

• The KC Award document is used as the basis for creating a new KFS account.

• Basic KC award data is displayed in the KFS Account Inquiry.

KC Award Budget can populate to the KFS Budget

• KFS Budget for grant accounts can be automatically generated from KC Award Budget.

KC Awards can be viewed in KFS

• An authorized KC user can view a KFS account by entering the account number they want to view.

Object Codes will match between both systems

• KC and KFS Object Codes remain the same.

Future Integration Points

• Other transactions (i.e., purchasing, travel) will have the ability to be routed based on award attributes, such as agency or specific award terms.

Getting Help:

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Award Account Digest will be replaced by KC Award Notice
The IU Award Account Digest, or Digest, is a tool used by Grant Services staff to distribute information to departments when an Award Account has been established. The Digest includes key information about the award such as account number, title start date, stop date, terms and conditions, etc.

Below is a sample of the Award Account Digest:

The current Digest notification will be replaced by the KC Award Notice. The benefit of the Award Notice is that it provides more information about the award than the current Digest. Departments will still be informed of the availability of an account for immediate use on active projects.

Note: Please do not confuse the KC Award Notice with an award notification sent by a sponsor which is referred to as a Notice of Grant Award.

Below is a sample of the KC Award Notice:

Stay tuned for more information about Award Notice closer to the release in December!
Countdown to KC Awards!
For those of you interested in keeping track of how soon the Award functionality will be released for Kuali Coeus, please see the countdown timer on the ORA Website home page.
How can I get training on KC Award?
A complete schedule of KC Award training sessions is available on the ORA Website. These training sessions will start in mid-October and will be held on both the IUPUI and IUB campuses in computer laboratories for hands-on experience!
  • How do I view an Award?
  • What is the Award Notice?
  • How is MyRA changing?
Kuali Coeus Tips
TIP Proposal tab > Required Fields for Saving Document panel > Institutional Fields Conditionally Required sub-panel:
  • Remember to remove the FIS Proposal Number after copying a Proposal Development document. If the field is populated on the new document then a new FIS proposal will not be generated.
TIP Proposal tab > Sponsor & Program Information panel:
  • The Prime Sponsor ID field should only be completed when the Sponsor is not the original source of funds. As an example, if IU is a subcontract on a Michigan State proposal to NIH then Michigan State would be entered as the Sponsor and NIH would be entered as the Prime Sponsor.
  • ORA is seeing instances where the Prime Sponsor is either not being entered or is being entered as both the Prime and Original Sponsor.
TIP Proposal tab > Subawards panel:
  • Remember to enter only the Period 1 amount for the subcontract. The full amount for the subcontract may be included in the Budget document or in an attached spreadsheet.
TIP Budget Document > Distribution & Income tab > Cost Sharing panel:
  • If cost share is entered on a budget, there is additional data required before the budget may be marked Final/Complete. A Unit must be entered and all of the cost share must be allocated. If a Validation Error generates in the budget, please review the Distribution & Income tab to ensure the required fields are complete.
MyRA Update: COI Information is easier to Access
Great News!! The access to MyCompliance > COI information has been expanded. Any IU Faculty, Staff or Student authenticating through CAS will now be able to search for COI information by Principal Investigator. The actual details of the full COI Disclosure document will be locked down with specific permissions.
KFS Implementation Information
A date has been set for the implementation of the Kuali Financial System. The conversion from the FIS to KFS will begin on Saturday, December 22nd. KFS won't be available for general use by the user community until December 26th.

Below are some good references related to the KFS Implementation:

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