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Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
KC Award is being released on December 8th!!
Here are some key points to remember:
  • Fiscal Officers, Department Administrators, and other IU staff, with the appropriate permissions can view Award data;
  • The Kuali Coeus (KC) page in OneStart will contain the links to view an Award as well as any Institutional Proposal (i.e. Proposal submitted to sponsor);
  • Award Digest will continue to be used until the FIS is replaced by KFS;
  • KC will be the system of record for externally Sponsored Proposals and Awards;
  • MyRA will be updated to reflect the KC data for Proposals and Awards;
  • ERE will not be accessible from December 8th to Spring 2013;
  • IUIE reports will be updated, which will impact any favorites that have been set up;
  • A reference guide on the mapping between FIS Award data and KC Award data will be available in the IUIE;
  • Underwrite forms on the ORA website will be updated;
  • Training guides will be available for additional help.

Getting Help:

Contact us:
Help is just a phone call
or e-mail away!
Grant Services Bloomington
      Phone: (812) 855-0516

Grant Services Indianapolis
      Phone: (317) 278-3473

How can I get training on the updated KC reports?
Due to the release of KC Award, a large number of the reporting objects within the IU Data Warehouse are being updated. These reporting objects are accessible via the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE).
Training Sessions are being offered to the User Community in December and January. The sessions are held on both the IUPUI and IUB campuses in computer laboratories for hands-on experience!
‘KC Reports in the IUIE’

This training session is designed to familiarize you with the new KC reports in the IUIE environment. Topics covered during this 90-minute hands-on session include taking a look at:

  • PDQ Reports
  • Data Groups
  • How to generate reports
  • KC Equivalent and New Attributes
  • New Reporting Features

Note: A basic familiarity with IUIE is a pre-requisite for this training class. *IUIE account required

Conversion Update: FIS Award to KC Award

The FIS Award data will be converted into KC Award documents for December 8th. Here are some key points for this conversion:

  • All Award data that exists in the FIS will be converted.
    • 81,000 FIS Awards with 61,000 Distinct Award Hierarchies - mapped to 37,000 accounts.
  • The oldest Award data being converted is from Aug. 1, 1966.
  • The FIS Award data will be slightly different when converted to KC:
    • Award data will be associated with an Award Hierarchy.
    • The levels within the Award Hierarchy will be identified by an A or B or C.
    • The B level for the Award will represent the Institutional Reporting level.
  • Converted Award data can be found within KC by clicking on the Award Search icon and entering the FIS Account Number in the Account ID field. Various other search criteria may also be used (i.e. Lead Unit, Investigator, Sponsor).

Additionally, it is important to notate the following:

  • Award data within the FIS will still be accessible in a read-only fashion for a limited time upon release of KFS.
  • Award Digest information will still be accessible in the IUIE. There is no conversion for this information.
  • MyRA will be updated to pull Award data from KC, rather than FIS.
Kuali Coeus Tips
TIP What do the numbers in KC Mean?
FIS Proposal Number = Institutional Proposal ID

KC Number



Proposal Development Document Number

Upper right corner in dialog box above Initiator

A number assigned by KC that will follow the document through final approval. This number will always remain the same and can be used as search criteria for Proposal Development documents.

KC Proposal Number

Proposal tab > Required Fields for Saving Document panel > Required Fields for Saving Document sub-panel

The number generated by the system when a Proposal Development document is created.  The equivalent to the ERA Routing Form number.

FIS Proposal Number

Proposal Development document > Proposal tab > Required Fields for Saving Document panel > Institutional Fields Conditionally Required sub-panel AND Award document > Custom Data tab > General panel

The FIS Proposal Number will be retired when KFS is implemented but will remain as a searchable field in KC.  Post KFS implementation, the FIS Proposal Number will be replaced by the Institutional Proposal ID.

Institutional Proposal ID

Institutional Proposal tab > Institutional Proposal panel

The number generated by the system after the Grant Services Administrator submits the Proposal Development document to the Sponsor. The Institutional Proposal ID may be used to search for Proposal Development documents and Awards. The number will also display in any applicable Award Hierarchy.

Award ID

Award tab > Details & Dates panel > Institution sub-panel AND Upper right corner in dialog box under Document ID:Status:

The number automatically generated by the system when an award is created.  The numbers displayed before the hyphen are the base number and the numbers displayed after the hyphen are the sequence numbers.  The sequence numbers illustrate the nodes that make up the Award Hierarchy (A=Parent, B=Child, C=Grandchild).

Account ID

Award tab > Details & Dates panel > Institution sub-panel AND Upper right corner in the dialog box under Document ID:Status:

The Account ID is the link to the KFS Account document.  It is equivalent to the FIS/KFS Account Number.

TIP Institutional Proposal now referred to as InstProp

In order to reduce confusion between Institutional Proposal and Intellectual Property, the abbreviation for Institutional Proposal will be the term "InstProp".

TIP How do I get a funding source added to the Kuali Coeus system?

If you cannot locate a Sponsor (known as Agency in FIS) in KC, send an email to with the name of the Sponsor, address, phone number, etc.

TIP Budget Document > Distribution & Income tab > Cost Sharing panel:

If cost share is entered on a budget, there is additional data required before the budget may be marked Final/Complete. A Unit must be entered and all of the cost share must be allocated. If a Validation Error generates in the budget, please review the Distribution & Income tab to ensure the required fields are complete.

How do we move forward with two Kuali systems?
Here are some ways in which the two systems are similar…yet different, and how they talk to each other via the Award Module!
  • KC will push data to KFS to streamline the creation of KFS Accounts and KFS Budget Adjustment documents;
  • KFS will leverage data from KC Award, replacing logic in the FIS Contracts and Grant module, and;
  • KC Award will display basic Award data in the KFS Account Inquiry.

In Kuali Coeus
you can…

In the Kuali Financial System
you can…

Create and route a proposal and budget for external funding

Create and route IU financial documents

View an award

View an award linked from Kuali Coeus to a KFS account

Use the IU Routing and Workflow system

Use the IU Routing and Workflow system

Access information by clicking on Tabs and Panels

Access information by clicking on Panels

Search for information

Search for information

Receive an email notification of KC Actions

Receive an email notification of KFS Actions

 Take a Kuali Coeus test drive

 Take a KFS test drive

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