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GO LIVE Edition   
December 8th, 2012   
Thank you for your patience and support!
Here are some key points to remember:
  • Fiscal Officers, Department Administrators, and other IU staff, with the appropriate permissions can view Award data;
  • The Kuali Coeus (KC) page in OneStart contains the links to view an Award as well as any Institutional Proposal (i.e. Proposal submitted to sponsor);
  • Award Digest will continue to be used until the FIS is replaced by KFS;
  • KC is now the system of record for externally Sponsored Proposals and Awards;
  • ERE will not be accessible from December 8th to Spring 2013;
  • IUIE reports have been updated, which impacts any favorites that have been set up;
  • A reference guide on the mapping between FIS Award data and KC Award data is available in the IUIE;
  • Underwrite forms on the ORA website have been updated;
  • Training guides are available for additional help.
Here are some interesting facts since July:
  • Formal KC Training Sessions: 48
  • Formal KC Training Session Participants: 414
  • Meetings for KC Presentations
    (i.e. CATS, RATS, BOGS): 36
  • KC Presentation Participants: 749
  • FIS Awards Converted: 81,667
  • FIS Accounts Converted: 37,327
  • KC Awards Created: 154,010
  • Proposals Created to Date: 5,745
  • Unique Users: 3,008
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