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Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
KC & KFS will be integrated as of February 18th!

As of February 18th, Kuali Coeus (KC) will be integrated with the Kuali Financial System (KFS). This integration marks a major milestone for the teams who have worked the past several years to accomplish this goal!

With this integration, the following points may be of interest to you:

  • The KC award will be linked to a KFS account.
  • Object Codes will remain the same in both systems.
  • KC awards may be viewed in KFS. Authorized KC users can view a KFS account by entering the desired account number.
  • Future integration points (i.e., purchasing, travel) will have the ability to route based on award attributes, such as agency or specific award terms.

Getting Help:

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A21 Effort Reporting – 2 Major Changes Coming

With the implementation of KFS, there will be 2 major changes in A21 Effort Reporting:

  1. Effort reports will only be generated for employees paid from federal or federal pass-through sponsored projects. Effort Reports will no longer be generated for employees paid solely from non-federal projects. This change will eliminate approximately 4,000 efforts reports annually!
  2. Project Directors on federal and federal pass-through projects will now receive the effort reports electronically through the OneStart Action List. The initial effort report document will route first to the Fiscal Officer (or their delegate). Once effort has been reviewed and approved at that level, the document will then route to the account Project Director for certification approval. This eliminates the need for physical documents to be printed and signed to show certification of effort.
Kuali Coeus Tips
TIP Proposal Budget / Cost Share

If any cost share is entered or calculated in a Budget, then a Unit (e.g. UA-RSCH) must be added in the Distribution & Income tab. The Unit must be added for each Fiscal Year listed. If it is third party cost share then enter the Lead Unit and state “Third Party” in the Source Account row. The Unallocated amount must equal $0.00.

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TIP Proposal Budget / Unrecovered F&A

The university has standard F&A rates, but some agencies do not pay the standard rate. For example, the standard F&A rate for instruction projects is 47.5%, but US Department of Education only reimburses 8% on their projects. The difference, 39.5%, is considered “Unrecovered F&A”. Occasionally it is useful to track this unrecovered F&A, as some agencies allow this to be counted toward any cost share commitment.

These amounts may be manually entered, or will be automatically included in the budget if the Applicable F&A Rate is less than the Institutional F&A Rate.

The Unrecovered F&A amount will populate for each Fiscal Year in the Distribution & Income tab; however, you are not required to enter any additional information. You may choose to enter a Source Account, but no errors will be produced if no additional data is entered.

For Summary Budgets – The Unrecovered F&A may be manually entered on the Parameters tab:

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For Detailed Budgets – The Applicable F&A Rate may be changed to reflect less than the Institutional Rate:

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Unrecovered F&A will autopopulate in the Distribution & Income tab. A Source Account and Allocation of Unrecovered F&A may be entered, if desired:

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KFS Implementation Information
The conversion from the FIS to KFS will begin on the night of Friday, February 15th. KFS won't be available for general use by the user community until Monday, February 18th.

Below are some good references related to the KFS Implementation:

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