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Award Account Digest will be replaced by KC Award Summary

The IU Award Account Digest, or Digest, is a tool used by Grant Services staff to distribute information to departments when an Award Account has been established. The Digest includes key information about the award such as account number, title, start date, stop date, terms and conditions, etc.

Below is a sample of the Award Account Digest:

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As of February 18th, the Digest will be replaced by the KC Award Summary. One of the key benefits of the Award Summary is that it provides more information about the award than the current Digest.

Getting Help:

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What does Award Summary look like?

Here are some key points about the KC Award Summary:

  1. Award Summary will reflect KC Award and KFS Account Data.
  2. Award Summary will not reflect any KC Award Budget information at this time. It will be included in the near future.
  3. Budget Information currently found on the Digest will be available through MyRA or by directly accessing the KFS Budget. KFS Budget reference numbers will be included with the Award Summary.
  4. Award Summary will be a pdf document accessed through a link in the OneStart Action List, instead of text documents attached to an email.

Below is a sample of the KC Award Summary:

How will I be notified of the Award Summary?

The KC Award Summary will be delivered via the OneStart Action list as shown below:

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Upon clicking the "show" button within the OneStart Action List, you will be able to see additional information. You will also be able to print the summary using the "print" button, as shown below:

How can I change my email notifications within OneStart?

You can change email notifications by clicking the "Preferences" button within the OneStart Action List:



If you'd like to receive email differently for a particular document, notifications can be set up for different types of documents. Also, you can turn off email notifications for a particular action requested. Refer to the UITS Knowledge Base for more information.

If you wish to receive email notifications specific to the KC Award Summary, please add a line to the Document Type Notifications section with the following attributes:

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Will the old Digest Indexed Reports still be accessible in IUIE?

The Digest data will be refreshed one last time after the end of the FIS batch cycle the evening of February 15th. The "C&G Digest Indexed Report" within IUIE will remain available if you want to view an already created digest report. You can find these reports by navigating to the Master Catalog and the Research Administration folder.

Catalog → Master Catalog → Research Administration → Contracts & Grants (CG) →
Reports Viewer → C&G Digest

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