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KC v5.1 is Coming this Summer!

KC v5.1 is coming this Summer! We will be upgrading the current KC system from v4.0 to v5.1. Upgrades include:


Feature Detail

Progress Indicator

A progress indicator will display while pages are loading.

Reload Button

The reload button will issue a warning before refreshing.

Budget Validation

Budget validation will be triggered from the budget document rather than from the proposal development document.

Close Button

The close button will have a cancel option.


A notification will automatically be sent when Grant Services creates an IP document from a routed proposal. It will also be sent when award documents are completed and ready for account creation.

Questionnaire Replaces the Yes/No Questions

There are currently 20 Yes/No questions within the proposal development document. KC v5.1 will have a smaller set of questions that are more specific to the data entered.

Getting Help:

Contact us:
Help is just a phone call
or email away!
Grant Services Bloomington
      Phone: (812) 855-0516

Grant Services Indianapolis
      Phone: (317) 278-3473

How can I get training on KC v5.1?

A complete schedule of KC v5.1 training sessions is available on the ORA Website. These training sessions will start in May and will be held on both the IUPUI and IUB campuses in computer laboratories for hands-on experience!

New Fixes and Updates

MyRA has recently been experiencing intermittent issues accessing Kuali Coeus (KC) Award data to display in the MyAwards section. The majority of these issues were resolved with an update applied on March 31, 2013.

MyRA now lists the full KC Institutional Proposal ID (IPID) for each record. Clicking on the IPID will take you to a screen showing details of the award.

Click image to enlarge
MyAwards Award Details

If you click on the IPID and the resulting page says ‘No details could be retrieved for this award,’ this could be due to the following reasons:

  • The award was processed for the IUPUI campus prior to 2008.
  • The award was processed for the BL or regional campuses prior to 2001.

In both situations above, details of the award are not available in MyRA. If you believe the above reasons do not apply to the award under question, please submit the issue via the feedback link (question mark icon) on the upper right-hand side of the MyRA screen.

MyRA feedback link

For additional assistance you can contact your campus Grant Services Office at:

Grant Services Bloomington:
Grant Services Indianapolis:
Kuali Coeus Tips

The following KC Tips provide information about details found in the KC Award Summary.

TIPAward Summary: Lead Unit (LU)

The Lead Unit is displayed on page 1 of the Award Summary and marked
with a (LU) after the name of the Unit.

Award Summary
TIPAward Summary: Transaction Comments and Current Action Comments

Page 1 of the Award Summary may display Transaction Comments. These comments are regarding the current award transaction. Examples of the language seen in this section may include, “Child award - Year 1 of 3” or “NCE; Year 2 of 2”. These comments may also appear on page 2 under Current Action Comments.

TIPAward Summary: General Comments section

Important comments regarding the award agreement are detailed in the General Comments section on page 2. Please ensure that these are reviewed upon receipt of the Award Summary.

TIPAward Summary: Pre-Award Institutional Authorization Comments

If the award was previously underwritten, details of the underwrite will be displayed in the Pre-Award Institutional Authorization Comments section on page 2 of the Award Summary.

TIPAward Summary: Award Contact Information

Please contact the Grant Services Administrator listed at the bottom of the Award Summary with any questions.

Key Grants Reporting Tools

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) website and the Indiana University Information Environment (IUIE) both provide a variety of reporting tools to access information regarding sponsored project and award activity at Indiana University. Access to specific reports in the IUIE is available via the ORA website Data & Reports > Predefined Reports page. The screenshot below shows an example of Predefined Reports that are hyperlinked to the IUIE.

Click image to view full page
ORA Predefined Reports page

In the IUIE, sponsored project and award reporting is now located under Research Administration > Kuali Coeus. A variety of PDQs can be run from this folder including Award Development, Institutional Proposal, and Proposal Development reports.

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