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KC is being updated to v5.1 on July 13th!!
How can I get training on KC v5.1?

A complete schedule of KC v5.1 training sessions is available on the ORA Website. The training sessions started in May and will continue through the end of June. They are held on both the IUPUI and IUB campuses in computer laboratories for hands-on experience!

How is access to KC changing on the OneStart portal?

As of July 13th, users will find links to the KC Grants documents in a new location. There will be a new navigation link entitled "KC Grants" as shown to the right.

In the fall, users will find links to the KC IRB documents under a new navigation link entitled "KC IRB" as shown to the right.

Click here or on the image to the right to access a non-production sample.

Getting Help:

Contact us:
Help is just a phone call
or email away!
Grant Services Bloomington
      Phone: (812) 855-0516

Grant Services Indianapolis
      Phone: (317) 278-3473

What are some of the key features of KC v5.1?

Besides the formal classroom training that is being offered, you can reference any of our training guides located on the ORA Website. Below you will find an outline of some of the new features:


Feature Detail Tab Changes to S2S Tab

The Tab will be renamed to the S2S Tab. This change is to accommodate the inclusion of system-to-system (S2S) capability.

Questions Tab Has Embedded Intelligence

The Questions Tab now has intelligence embedded within and will display questions depending on the sponsor, and/or which or S2S Opportunity is selected. Institutional Questions will still appear. None of the responses will default so each Question must be answered individually.

New Reminder Message to ‘Add’ Data

A message stating, “The Add button must be clicked for data to be added and saved to the system” has been added to all pages in Proposal Development to help you remember to click on the Add button! A Reset button will also appear that will remove the data if it has not yet been added to the page.

Person Details Sub-Panel: eRA Commons User Name Field Added

The eRA Commons username field will present a Validation Error when the sponsor is NIH and the field is not populated.

Budget Periods & Totals Panel: Number of Months Column Added

In the Budget Periods & Totals Panel a Number of Months Column has been added and calculates the number of months based on the Period Start Date and Period End Date.

Participant Support Panel: Number of Participants Field Added

On the Participant Support Panel you can enter the number of participants that a given budget line represents. This does not impact the dollar amount – it is useful as a reference field.

Budget Module: Validation can occur from the Budget Module

In KC 5.1 there will be a Data Validation Panel inside the Budget Module. You will no longer have to return to the Proposal to check for validation errors or warnings.

Budget Cost Sharing Panel Change

In the Budget Cost Sharing Panel the cost sharing column has been changed from Fiscal Year to Project Period. This change occurs in both the Proposal Budget Development and Award modules.

Kuali Coeus Tips
TIPFringe Benefit Rates Uploaded for FY 2014

The Fringe Benefit Rates effective July 1, 2013 have been uploaded into KC and are now available for use in KC Proposal Development Budget.

TIP Searching for Accounts

When searching for an account in KC, the field is called Account ID; when searching for an account in KFS, the field is called Account Number.

TIPDocument Search for Account Transactions

The option to search for ALL account transactions related to a specific account is available in Kuali. In either KC or KFS, to view all transaction for an Account perform the following actions:

  • Click on Search for Documents
  • Enter KFST as the Document Type
  • Click the Tab key on the keyboard (additional search fields will then populate)
  • Enter the Account Number
  • Click Search (all transactions for the Account will display).

A21 Effort Reports Have Been Generated for Fall Fiscal Year 2013

The following provides important information about A21 Effort Reports:

  1. Effort reports have been generated only for employees paid in part, or in full, from federal or fed-pass-through projects, and
  2. Project Directors certifying effort reports for employees on their projects must certify electronically. The paper effort reporting form has been replaced with electronic routing. The electronic document will route to the Fiscal Officer’s OneStart Action List and then to the Project Director’s OneStart Action List.

To approve this electronic document you will need to go to your OneStart Action List and follow these steps:

  • Sign into the OneStart Portal
  • Click the "Notifications" tab at the top of the webpage
  • In the Notifications tab, click "Go to Full Action List"
  • Open the effort document
  • If there are no changes click the "Approve" icon at the bottom of the report
  • If effort needs to be changed then change the effort percentage in the effort boxes for the impacted accounts
  • Click the "Approve" icon at the bottom of the report

Please work to certify all effort reports by the end of the current Fiscal Year (June 30, 2013)

For additional information regarding document routing and approval please visit the following link:

For questions regarding A21 Effort Reporting contact Tim Burris at or (812) 855-0185.

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