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Happy 2nd Birthday Kuali Coeus Grants!

Kuali Coeus (KC) celebrated its second birthday on July 23, 2013!

Since the implementation of the KC Proposal Development document in 2011, the IU implementation team has met several major milestones, as presented below.

Happy Birthday Kuali Coeus!

Getting Help:

Here are the milestones over the last two years:




July 13, 2013

KC v5.1 Upgrade

KC v5.1 brought a number of upgrades since the last version of KC was released - KC v4.0. KC v5.1 allowed for the following upgrades: data validation is available within the Budget Module; the S2S Tab provides links to both and submission opportunities; the Questions Tab has embedded intelligence; the "Add Data" pop-up reminds users to click on the ADD button when adding data in several panels!

February 18, 2013

KC Linked to the Kuali Financial System (KFS)

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) was implemented; KC was integrated through the Award module with KFS.

December 8, 2012

KC Award Go-Live

The release of the KC Award Module allowed for the set-up, management, and viewing of sponsored project Awards. Award hierarchies were established to differentiate between Parent (A), Child (B), and Grandchild (C) nodes to display current and future years of funding.

August 12, 2012

KC v4.0/Rice v2.0 Upgrade

KC v4.0 brought a number of upgrades to the originally implemented KC v3.1. KC v4.0 allowed for distribution of proposal/intellectual credit and indirect costs. Rice v2.0 brought in enhanced identity management functions and more robust workflow and routing capabilities.

May 5, 2012

KC Institutional Proposal (IP) Go-Live

The release of the Institutional Proposal (IP) functionality allowed for the ability to capture a snap-shot of the official Proposal Development document that was submitted to a Sponsor. The IP provides the framework upon which an Award can be created.

Note: IP became officially available to the IU campus community on July 1, 2012.

July 23, 2011

KC Grants First Go-Live

The initial KC Grants module release brought in Proposal Development and Proposal Budget Development functionality - ushering in a new era of electronic proposal submission and routing at IU. The release also included system-to-system submission functionality.

KC Fun Facts to Know and Tell!

The following statistics show KC Grants activity-to-date:

  • 3,835 unique users have used the KC system
  • 9,630 separate proposals have been created
  • 10,468 Institutional Proposals have been created
ERA Is No Longer Accessible

When KC Grants was implemented on July 23, 2011, ERA records were converted and the ERA system was placed into read-only mode. The goal was to keep ERA in read-only mode for two years. As of July 13, 2013, the ERA system was archived - we thank it for many years of service!

Kuali Coeus Tips
TIPNew Recall Functionality

A new Recall Button became available in KC v5.1 upgrade. The Recall button can be used by the Initiator of the Proposal Development document to correct errors after the document has been submitted into routing. Clicking the Recall button will generate an option to return the document to the Initiator’s Action List after entering a description explaining why the document is being recalled. A note will be automatically added to the Abstracts and Attachments tab > Notes panel advising of the action. The text that was entered when recalling will be displayed. In addition, the status of the Proposal Development document will change from Approval Pending to Revisions Requested. Workflow FYI Notifications will also be sent to the Pending and Prior Approvers listed in the routing for the document. The document may be recalled by the Initiator until ORA has approved.

Important Note: Recall should only be utilized for significant corrections or changes that will impact routing. All other changes should be handled by the standard process of contacting ORA for assistance.

TIP Data Validation within Budget

Remember, users can now conduct Data Validation within the KC Budget module by clicking on the Budget Actions Tab > Data Validation Panel.

TIPSuffering from Tab Fatigue?

Users can sometimes experience Tab fatigue when navigating through KC. If a user is new to the KC system, it may be advisable to turn on validation first to see what needs to be completed within each Tab and Panel. Here are the actions users can take to turn on validation: Populate the eight required fields for saving a document > Click on the Proposal Actions Tab > Open the Data Validation Panel > Turn on Data Validation. The system will then display in RED those items that are required to be completed.

TIPQuestions Reduced

The number of proposal questions detailed on the Questions Tab has been reduced. The specific number of questions that display will now depend on which or S2S Opportunity is entered in the Proposal Development document. Institutional Questions will still appear, but will display in a new format. Some questions when answered ‘yes’ will reveal an additional follow-up question(s). The responses will no longer default to populate on new documents.

KC IUIE Changes

To assist in finding KC reporting data in the IUIE, users may be interested in the following points:

  • The Financial folder and the Kuali Financial folder no longer contain Contracts & Grants reports;
  • The Research Administration folder has been updated.

•   Many of the reports previously found in the Financial > Contracts & Grants folder
    are now available in the Research Administration > Kuali Coeus (KC) folder.

The screen shot below shows what is available in the Research Administration > Kuali Coeus (KC) folder and the steps to navigate within the IUIE to access the KC reporting data:

To access KC reports, perform the following actions:

  • Launch a browser and navigate to: IUIE (an IUIE account and CAS is required)
  • Click on the Catalog tab
  • Click on the Master Catalog link
  • Scroll down to Research Administration and click to open the folder
  • Click on the Kuali Coeus (KC) folder
  • Select any of the sub-folders displayed
  • Select any of the items within the sub-folder

•   If an item is grayed out, there may
    be special permissions associated
    with it. If users want to request
    access, they can click on the link,
    enter justification, then click on the
    Request Access button.

Users can also access PDQ Reports from the ORA website.

How Can I Get Training on Kuali Coeus?

Training for the KC Grants system is now available on an ad-hoc basis by contacting the Grant Services Office at your respective campus or emailing:

Grant Services – Bloomington
Phone: (812) 855-0516


Grant Services - Indianapolis
Phone: (317) 278-3473

Have you heard?
This is the last edition of the KC Grants Newsletter!

We have appreciated your support and comments, and are grateful to all of those who provided content for, and review of the Newsletter! We may return at a future date – but for now we are signing off!

Thank you all!

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