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Original e-mail message regarding the new COI disclosure process

The Office of Research Administration is pleased to announce the creation of a new conflict of interest website which will enhance and simplify the disclosure process for all IU faculty and researchers.

In order to complete your 2008/2009 COI disclosure which is due no later than September 30th, please click on the link below. Once you sign in using your IU ID and password, you will arrive at the COI disclosure form. Please complete the requested information, verify the information and click "submit". You will receive a confirmation email once your disclosure has been successfully submitted.

One enhancement made possible by using a web disclosure is the addition of step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions. Each is accessible by clicking on the highlighted link at the top of the disclosure form.

Although this is an annual disclosure, please remember that any time a financial interest changes, the disclosure must be updated.

Please contact the COI office with any questions, concerns and suggestions.

For Bloomington and the regional campuses, please email or call 812-856-1706.
For the Indianapolis and Columbus campuses, please email or call 317-274-7307.
We are more than willing to demonstrate this new disclosure system for your faculty, staff and researchers, at your convenience.