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A 21 Effort Reporting Goes Digital

March 1, 2013

Beginning with A21 effort reports generated for the Fall 2012 timeframe, two significant changes are being put into place. First, effort reports will only be generated for employees who are paid in part or in full from federal or fed-pass-through projects. This change will eliminate roughly 4,000 effort reports annually.

Second, Project Directors certifying effort reports for employees on their projects will certify electronically. The paper effort reporting form has been replaced with electronic routing. With the next cycle of effort reporting an electronic document will route to the Fiscal Officer OneStart Action List and then to the Project Director’s OneStart Action List.

  • To approve this document you will need to go to your OneStart Action List. The OneStart Action List can be accessed by following these steps:
    • Sign into the OneStart portal (;
    • Click the "Notifications" tab at the top of the webpage;
    • In the Notifications tab, click "Go to Full Action List."
  • Open the effort document
    • If there are no changes click the "Approve" icon at the bottom of the report.
    • If effort needs to be changed then change the effort percentage in the effort boxes for the impacted accounts.
      • Click the "Approve" icon at the bottom of the report
  • For more information please see: A21 Effort Certification an the Kuali Financial System - Guidance for Document Routing and Approval
  • For questions please contact Tim Burris at or (812) 855-0185