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Announcement: Check the Status of Your IRB Submissions Online Beginning May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009 -ORA is pleased to announce the IUB Human Subjects Office introduction of COEUS  -  a new, researcher-focused, interactive software package that will function on almost every aspect of enterprise-wide research administration.  One feature of this software is the ability for investigators to review the status of their submissions to the Human Subjects Office.  This feature, referred to as CoeusLite, uses a web interface technology and communication tool that enables investigators and research personnel to effectively track the progress of their submissions – new studies, amendments or continuing reviews.   During this phase of implementation, the status information is provided in a read only mode.  The feature provides for easy access to Help screens.

You may access CoeusLite at:

Users are encouraged to contact Danielle at the Human Subjects Office for additional information or questions – call (812)856-4242 or email

One of the focal points of ORA is to simplify the IRB submission process by providing a current, competitive and cutting edge platform for IRB submission and approval of research studies involving human subjects.   As a step to achieving this goal, the IUB Human Subjects Office is in the process of implementing a new web-based IRB submission application. 

The Office is introducing the COEUS application in phases.  In direct response to the research community’s needs and requests to interface more efficiently and easily with the IRB administrative staff, the IUB IRB has already initiated implementation of the “back office” portion of the COEUS software known as Coeus Premium. 

On February 3, 2009 the Human Subjects office in Bloomington converted to the Coeus application to assist with the management of all studies.  Any study that was shown as “Terminated or Closed” in the previous tracking database was not converted.  All other active studies were converted into Coeus as of this date.  We were able to convert limited data associated with each study from the old database; the rest of the information has been manually entered.  We have made every effort to assure the information was accurate; however, if you have any questions about the information associated with your study, please feel free to contact our office.   Since February 3rd all new submissions received by our office have been directly entered into Coeus for management tracking.

Another important feature of COEUS is that it provides an innovative portal specially designed for connecting investigators and research staff with the IRB specialists using the CoeusLite module.   The status tracking service is the initial step toward the full use of CoeusLite.  As new features continue to be implemented from the application, investigators will eventually be able to prepare and submit protocol applications online to the IRB using Coeus.