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Indiana University is changing its Policy on Financial
Conflicts of Interest (COI) in Research

June 12, 2012

  • The Public Health Service (PHS) has updated its Financial COI Regulations and requires compliance by all PHS funded institutions by August 24, 2012. In order to comply with the new regulations IU is updating the Policy on Research-Related COI.
  • The questions on the annual electronic research-related financial COI form are being changed to meet the new regulations and revised IU policy.
  • As part of the new regulations, training is required for all researchers. This training will be part of the annual COI form and offered in person throughout the summer and fall.
  • The new research-related COI form will be available in early August 2012. An email will be sent out to inform faculty and researchers when it becomes available.
  • If you are an NIH funded researcher, after August 24, 2012 your proposals will not be submitted until you have completed the annual 2012-2013 research-related COI form and required training.
  • If you have any questions or would like to schedule training for your department please contact: for IUPUI and regional medical centers for Bloomington and regional campuses