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Significant Reduction in Effort Reports

June 28, 2010 -The Office of Research Administration (ORA) continues to discover ways to improve how it does business and to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and departmental administrators wherever possible.

Starting with bi-weekly salary and wages charged to sponsored projects after July 1, 2010, the generation of bi-weekly effort reports will occur on a semi-annual basis rather than quarterly. As a result of this change, ORA has eliminated over 4,700 effort reports (25% of all effort reports generated annually!). Principal investigators and departmental staff, who are required to review and approve these documents, will see a significant decrease in these documents starting in the fall of 2010. In addition, ORA is investigating the possibility of eliminating effort reports for individuals that are not paid from federal or federal pass-through grants. This latter change will not be possible until the new financial system (KFS) is implemented but will eliminate an additional 3,300 effort reports annually.