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Important Announcement - Grants Administration

September 19, 2008 - An announcement has been released to the IU Research Community regarding a change in structure for the Grants Administration group. The full announcement can be viewed at the "Research News E-mail Service Archive" or below:

To the IU Research Community:

We would like to provide an update on the reorganization taking place in the grants administration areas within the Office of the Vice President for Research Administration (OVPRA).  Please keep this document for future reference as well.

As many of you are aware, when OVPRA was created, the Contracts and Grants (C&G) office was merged with the Sponsored Research Services (SRS) offices to create the Grants Administration areas within OVPRA.
The purpose of the reorganization is multi-faceted:

  • Provide better, more consistent overall service to faculty, departments and centers
  • Accommodate increased numbers of proposal submissions and awards received
  • Provide coordinated policies and education
  • Catalyze research productivity and protect the university community from risk

What we have changed:
We have restructured the services provided by C&G and SRS.  The C&G office staff and responsibilities have been divided into four areas:  Financial Reporting; Audit, Compliance and Effort Reporting; Grants Services; and Clinical Trials Services.  The Financial Reporting and Audit, Compliance and Effort Reporting groups are based in Bloomington and have a system-wide focus.
The remaining C&G staff and responsibilities have merged with the SRS offices on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses to create the Grants Services teams and Clinical Trials Services.  The Grant Services teams will provide cradle-to-grave grants management services:

  • Proposal budget reviews and proposal submissions
  • Contract negotiations and award acceptance, including subawards
  • Establishing underwrites and accounts
  • Monitoring grant expenditures

The Grants Services teams have been organized according to the tables below.  Please refer to this table to determine which team will be handling your project, and if you have questions, please contact us.  Our goal is to have one individual manage your project from the proposal stage through the life of the project.
We began implementing this new organization in early June in the Bloomington office and in July in the Indianapolis office.  Many of you have already noticed new staff creating accounts in FIS, approving FIS and EPIC e-docs or discussing proposal budgets with you.

The offices are in a period of intensive training as the staff learn their new duties.  Please bear with us as we work through this transition.

For New C&G Accounts:
As new projects come in to the university, they are being assigned to the new Grants Services teams.  To the extent possible, the individual who assisted you with the proposal submission or award negotiation will also manage the day-to-day activity on the account.

A staff member from the Financial Reporting team will also be assigned to the account and will submit financial reports, invoices, invention and property reports.

For Current C&G Accounts:
We have not yet transitioned existing C&G accounts to the new Grants Services teams but will be doing so in the near future as the staff are trained in their new roles.  Please check the FIS to determine the Analyst for your current accounts – the FIS will be updated as the accounts are transitioned, and will be more accurate than the original Digests you received in the past. 

Clinical Trials Services
As part of the OVPRA reorganization, a new Clinical Trials Office (CTO) was created to support industry-funded clinical research throughout Indiana University.  The Clinical Trials Services (CTO) is staffed by subject matter experts in clinical trial pre-award, post-award, contracting, and regulatory issues to provide centralized, efficient, cost-effective cradle-to-grave research administration services for all industry-funded clinical research.  The CTO staff focuses on customer service by consulting with, advising, and seeking approval from investigators.  CTO staff work as a team to ensure seamless administration throughout the life of each clinical study.   The scope of services provided by the CTO includes:

  • Central intake, processing/routing of the application packet for all industry-funded clinical research
  • Budget preparation and negotiation
  • Medicare coverage review
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Post-award financial management (including underwrites and account set-up, intake and allocation of funds, monitoring expenditures, specialized clinical research financial tracking/reporting, invoicing, and collection of outstanding balances owed by industry sponsors)

As new industry-funded clinical research projects come in to the university, they are being assigned to the new CTO team for proposal submission, contract negotiation, management of the day-to-day activity on the account, as well as submission of financial reports, invoices, etc. to industry sponsors.  Both the budget preparation/negotiation and the post-award financial tracking/invoicing/collections are fee-based services, with the fee charged to the industry sponsor. 

How to Contact us:
The Research Administration website contains contact information for all OVPRA staff.

Staff listings for the offices are also provided below.

We appreciate your patience as we implement this reorganization.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at, or call us at the numbers listed below.  Your feedback is critical for us to know that we are meeting your needs.


Jim Becker, Executive Director of Grants Administration, IU-Bloomington and Regional Campuses
Marcia Landen, Director of Grant Services, IU-Bloomington and Regional Campuses
Jean Mercer, Director of Grant Services, IUPUI-Indianapolis and Regional Medical Centers
Tina Noonan, Director, IU Clinical Trials Services (Indianapolis, Bloomington and Regional campuses)

Grant Services Teams for the Bloomington and Regional Campuses

Name Title
Marcia Landen Director of Grant Services
Team 1: NSF, NASA, DOE, DOD, NIST, STScI (incl. Fed-Pass-Through Grants)
Teresa Miller Grant Services Manager
Anne Klarich Contract Officer
Ava Bair Grant Consultant
Barb Platt Grant Consultant
Team 2: NIH, USDE, NEA, NEH, NPS, other Federal Agencies (incl. Fed-Pass-Through Grants)
Christy Bland Grant Services Manager
Arlene Richardson Contract Officer
Gwyneth Johnstone Grant Consultant
Amy O'Hair Grant Consultant
Kevin Newsom Grant Consultant
Team 3: Foundations, Non-Profit, For-Profit Agencies, and non-Federal Agencies utilizing Cyclotron Beam Time
Tracey Levy Grant Services Manager
Wesley Wright Contract Officer
Trisha Adams Grant Consultant
Team 4: Federal Contracts, Federal Labs, State Agencies (incl. Federal Pass Through Awards), Other Government Agencies, and Federal Agencies utilizing Cyclotron Beam Time
Bethany Davis Grant Services Manager
Gabe Harris Contract Officer
Darlene Dye Grant Consultant

If you are unsure who to call or have a general question, please reach us at 812-855-0516 or email the office.  The following office email accounts are monitored regularly and your question will be addressed regardless of which email account you use.

  • is used primarily general questions and for proposal submission activity.  Send draft budgets and inquiries about proposal submission to this email.  Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate team for review.  Include the following information in your email:
  • Deadline
  • Receipt or target date type deadline
  • Funding Agency name
  • Program name, number, or a link to the guidelines
  • Is this federal pass through?, if yes, identify the federal agency
  • Is this a grant or contract?
  • is used primarily for award-related activity.  Please send award documents to this email account.
  • is used primarily for account-related questions or for requesting an underwrite.

Grant Services Teams for the Indianapolis Campus and Regional Medical Centers
Name Title Phone # Email
Jean Mercer Director of Grant Services 278-5369
Team 1: NIH & Other Federal Agencies (incl. Fed-Pass-Through Grants)
Robert Dimmitt Grant Services Manager TBD TBD*
Beth Hosier Grant Consultant 274-5523
Larry Reynolds Grant Specialist 274-5910
Sheri Mundy Grant Consultant 274-3285
Becky Cass Grant Consultant 274-5525
Heather Morr Grant Consultant 278-5367
Randall Ritter Contract Officer 278-8493
Team 2: Foundations, Non-Profit, & For-Profit Agencies
Karen Shrode Grant Consultant 274-5520
Hazel McCane Grant Consultant TBD TBD**
Josh Clemens Contract Officer 274-2071
Angie Kelly Contract Officer 274-1392
Team 3: Federal & State Contracts
Karen Grubbs Grant Consultant 274-2221
Sara Hausermann Contract Officer 274-5527

* - starts 9/29/2008
** - starts 10/6/2008

If you are unsure who to call or have a general question, please reach us at 317-278-3473 or email the office at

Clinical Trials Services (For Bloomington, Indianapolis, and all regional campuses)


Name Title Phone # Email
Tina Noonan Director, Clinical Trials Services 278-2083
Katie Price Associate Director 274-3989
Tammy Good Financial Officer 274-2123
Michael Brown Contract Officer 274-2012
Marissa King Contract Officer 274-5519