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Important Announcement – IU Human Subjects

November 8, 2010

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To the IU Research Community:
The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is pleased to announce the consolidation of the Indianapolis and Bloomington Human Subjects Offices under one Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).

In 2008, when the Office of Research Administration (ORA) was created, the activities of the previously multi-campus Human Subjects Offices, which provide administrative support to the Indiana University IRBs, were brought together under one office and reporting structure. More recently, as part of Indiana University’s Human Research Protection Program accreditation and ongoing quality and customer service improvement processes, the Human Subjects Offices have been further streamlined to arrange support for the day-to-day processing
of human subjects research applications based on the nature
of the research applications.

The goals of this reorganization are to:

  • Provide better, more consistent overall service to researchers
  • Accommodate increased numbers of protocol submissions
  • Provide coordinated policies and education

What has changed: The services provided by the Human Subjects Offices (HSO) in Bloomington and Indianapolis have been restructured. The new offices are as follows:

  • Behavioral/Social Sciences Research: The behavioral/social science administrative team has dedicated and trained staff to provide front line support for all behavioral applications. The administrative staff resides in Bloomington.
  • Biomedical Research: The biomedical administrative team is based in Indianapolis. Research applications of a biomedical nature, including Bloomington-based research regulated by the FDA, will receive administrative support from this team.

Both offices strive to have one staff member assigned to your project from initial protocol submission, through the life of the study, and until study closure. We believe this will promote consistency in the review of research applications and provide improved support to the Indiana University research community.

What has not changed: All of the IU IRB committees (including membership and locations) will remain unchanged. Specifically, current IRB membership comprised of campus-specific faculty will remain intact. All expedited and full reviews of behavioral research taking place on the IUPUI campus will still be reviewed by the expedited and full IRB committees located on the IUPUI campus. All behavioral research occurring on the Bloomington campus will still be reviewed by the Bloomington IRB.

The offices are in a period of orientation and training as the staff members assume their new duties. Staff members are available to assist you and are committed to providing the same high level of service as we work through this transition.

How to Contact us:
The Research Administration website contains contact information for all OVPRA staff:

Staff listings for the offices are also provided below.

Marcia Gonzales Executive Director, Research Compliance 317.278.4117

  Behavioral/Social Science Team:
Sara Brand Associate Director 812.856.3753
Senta Baker Assistant Director 812.855.0945
Danielle Gunkel Assistant Director 812.856.7942
Sharon Moran Compliance Assistant 812.856.4242

  Biomedical Team:
Shawn Axe Associate Director 317.278.9211
Amy Waltz Assistant Director 317.278.5431
Ryan Merckle Compliance Project Manager (Coeus) 317.278.6236
Sarah Crabtree Sr. Research Compliance Consultant 317.274.6932
Kara Brocious Sr. Research Compliance Consultant 317.278.7814
Lauren Grattenthaler Sr. Research Compliance Consultant 317.278.2310
Kim Smoot Research Compliance Consultant 317.274.6823
Maggie French Research Compliance Consultant 317.278.7811
Beth Johnson Research Compliance Consultant 317.278.7813
Emily Dukeman Research Compliance Consultant 317.278.9116
Michele Garvin Office Coordinator 317.278.7810
Pete King Compliance Assistant 317.278.7946
Sherri Ream Compliance Assistant 317.274.5518

We appreciate your patience as we implement this reorganization. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at, or call us at the numbers listed above. Your feedback is critical for us to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Marcia Gonzales, Executive Director, Research Compliance
Shawn Axe, Associate Director, IU Human Subjects Office – Biomedical
Sara Brand, Associate Director, IU Human Subjects Office – Behavioral/Social Sciences