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SOM IACUC moving away from TOPAZ and moving to a
Word version of the protocol form

April 2, 2012

The SOM IACUC is moving away from the use of TOPAZ and moving to a Word version of the protocol form. The IACUC is pleased to announce that the new form is now available to be used. Beginning April 16, 2012, the Word form will be required for new submissions and replacement protocols. If you have started a protocol in TOPAZ or on the “draft” Word form, please submit the protocol by April 16, 2012.

The protocol form can be found on the IACUC Forms webpage.

Word Process:
Email the protocol, in word format, and all applicable attachments to the IACUC office at The email must come from the PI. We will use the track-change function during the review to document changes/revisions.

Once approved, you will receive a PDF copy of the approved protocol.

Word Amendments:
When you would like to amend the protocol, please contact the IACUC office and we will send you a word version of your approved protocol. It will be saved in track-change mode. You must use the track-changes function to amend your protocol. Using this function will help the IACUC members see exactly what you are amending.

Currently approved Protocol in TOPAZ:
All SOM faculty members with currently approved TOPAZ protocols, will need to submit amendments via TOPAZ. However, the IACUC encourages you to convert the protocols from TOPAZ to word. If needed, the IACUC office will work with you to convert the protocols. The goal is to phase out all the TOPAZ protocols within the next year.