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Introduction to the New Website

June 9, 2008 - This website has been created to help identify all of the services offered throughout the Office of Research Administration (ORA). Our goal is to create a website that is concise, useful, and easy to navigate.

The growth of the website will take place in stages. The first stage will provide individuals with basic research administration information. The main navigation relates to primary business functions within the organization, including: Grant & Contract Services, Compliance Services, Clinical Trials, Ethics & Education, Systems, and Activity Reports. Additionally, users will find contact information, organizational charts, policies, forms, and glossary terms for reference. A “Feedback & Questions” section appears on the home page to ensure individuals have a way to submit comments.

The second stage of website development is to provide more information about each area in Research Administration. Once this information has been added, existing websites that currently provide the same information will be retired. Look for messages on existing sites to help during the transition. The Grant & Contract information is the next scheduled priority for information updates.

The second stage of website development will be completed by fall 2008. Please bookmark and watch for future changes!