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Important Announcement Published for IUB Researchers

August 18, 2008 - As a part of the development of the new Office of Research Administration (ORA), and to address questions raised by the DHHS Office of Human Research Protections involving study review processes it was announced that the IUB IRB will be working closely with the Indianapolis IRB office to update and streamline its policies, procedures, and operations. For the short term, all approvals for IUB IRB protocols may be delayed. The IRB Office staff is aware of the need for timely approval of human subjects protocols and all staff members will be working diligently to have protocols reviewed and approved appropriately.

As part of this transition, new policies and procedures for obtaining human subjects research approval have been created for the Bloomington campus and placed on the IUB website. The new forms will require training and assistance. The announcement indicated that more formalized training sessions would be scheduled in the future. Also, researchers that have any questions regarding the forms can address inquiries to:
IRB or (812) 855-3067

As a result of the transition, new application forms have also been created. The announcement indicated that these new forms, which can be accessed via the IUB website, must be used for IUB IRB submissions effective immediately. Researchers can refer to the website for guidance on what forms need to be submitted. Once the forms applicable to a submission have been completed (e.g., continuing review, amendments, new study etc.) they can be submitted electronically to: