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Routing of Sponsored Projects Documents for the Indianapolis Campus, IUPU Columbus, and the Regional Centers for Medical Education

September 19, 2003

(Note:  This Important Notice is being sent to Fiscal Officers, Chairpersons, Deans and Chancellors.  Please forward to others who have a need to know.)

This notice is a revision of Important Notice 02-4 and applies to only the Indianapolis campus and units reporting to Indianapolis (i.e. IUPU Columbus and the Regional Centers for Medical Education).

Indiana University requires that all proposals to external agencies requesting funds and/or committing University resources (e.g. personnel, space, funds, equipment, etc.) are to be reviewed and signed by an authorized University official.

The routing form for the Indianapolis campus, called the "Route Sheet for Transmitting External Proposals and Other Documents," or the electronic ERA Route Sheet, are the University forms used to obtain this approval. The Route Sheet summarizes the significant administrative contents of a sponsored program request.  It also serves to indicate any special needs, transmit the request, and assure concurrence by the project director’s department, school or unit administration. 

For the Indianapolis campus, a Route Sheet must be used for any of the following:
(Routing instructions for University Administration, Bloomington and Regional Campuses are provided on Important Notice 03-5.)

The above documents will be transmitted only after each person responsible for committing University resources and approving obligations required by the project have indicated their approval by signing the Route Sheet, which accompanies each request.  These documents are routed through the submitting and all collaborating departments, the dean or administrative unit head for each, and then to Research and Sponsored Programs. 

Routing Electronic Proposals:
As more funding agencies develop systems that allow proposals and related documents to be submitted electronically it is easy to lose sight of the routing procedure, especially when funding agencies appear to be encouraging individuals to submit proposals directly to the agency.  Electronic proposals continue to be under the same guidelines as paper proposals and must receive institutional review and approval prior to submission to the funding agency. 

Electronic submissions take various forms including preparation of the proposal directly on an agency’s web site or electronic transmission of files.  In all cases, the appropriate number of paper copies for internal use should be routed for institutional review.  Once approved, the research office will either submit the proposal electronically or notify the project director to proceed with the electronic submission.  Contact Research and Sponsored Programs for instructions or guidance.

See also: Financial Policy III-20 “Negotiating with Agencies and Routing Proposals” http://www.indiana.edu/~vpcfo/policies/contract/iii-20.html


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