88-5  Obsolete

NSF Important Notice No. 104:  Termination of OPAS, Salary Reimbursements, New Cover Page
December 23, 1988

    1.  Institutions are no longer required to maintain a formal (e.g., routing sheets) Organizational Prior Approval System (OPAS).  Indiana University will discontinue the OPAS effective immediately.  The University will continue the features authorized by OPAS but will depend on internal systems to assure compliance with agency standards.

            If a project is to be started early (up to 90 days) a memo should be sent to the campus research office (Contract and Grant Administration for central systems and regional campuses) requesting as advance account number and indicating who will be responsible for the expenditures if the grant is not awarded.  If a project is to be extended past its normal expiration date, a memo requesting the extension and a justification should be processed in the same manner.  Contract and Grant Administration will communicate these extensions to the National Science Foundation (NSF) at least 45 days before the original expiration date.  Items requiring agency prior approval are covered in the new Grant General Conditions.

   2.  The 1989 appropriations act limits salary reimbursement from NSF funds to $95,000.00 per year.  If only a portion of the salary of a person earning over $95,000 is to be paid from NSF funds, the amount to be paid must be on a proportional basis.  For example, if 75% of a person's time is devoted to an NSF project the maximum to be paid from the project would be 75% x $95,000.00.  Any supplement above that would have to be considered cost sharing and paid from a cost sharing source.

   3.  A new cover page references debarment and suspension certifications.  This new cover page must accompany each new proposal being submitted.