89-1  Obsolete

Applicant Organization Name Change for all Future Proposals
January 16, 1989

    Effective immediately all new proposals for sponsored projects should be submitted in the name of INDIANA UNIVERSITY rather than the Indiana University Foundation.  Renewal proposals for ongoing projects will be handled in accordance with the following:

PHS Proposals
    All grant proposals should be submitted in the name of the University whether they are competing renewals or committed renewals.  We have been assured by PHS personnel that this change will cause no difficulty for carry forward or other things considered normal practice in moving from one budget period to another within a project period.  We are still working on how best to handle renewal proposals on existing contracts where the normal practice has been to add funds to the existing contract.  More will follow later on these projects.   

NSF Proposals
    All grant proposals should be submitted in the name of the University for renewal projects.  Existing projects were transferred to Indiana University effective January 1, 1989.

Other Proposals
    For other agencies (Federal and Non-Federal), we are currently reviewing all projects where multi-year commitments have been made and projects where funding has been awarded as an extension to an existing project each year.  We will contact these agencies to get their guidance on how these proposals should be handled.  If you have a proposal that must be processed that fits this category, contact your research office on how to proceed.

   Other than changing the applicant name and entity number when requested (35-6001673), addresses should remain the same.  The Financial Officer should show the following:

William E. Farquhar, Director
Contract and Grant Administration
Indiana University
P.O. Box 1847
Bloomington, IN  47402
Telephone Number:  812-855-3962