89-10  Obsolete

Formerly 75-1

Responsibility for Projects
August 21, 1989

The number and types of accounts and programs being handled through the Contract and Grant Administration office has recently been redefined and expanded.  The projects to be handled in Contract and Grant Administration now have one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. The project is the result of a proposal for sponsoring a program or project and/or is covered by a written agreement between the sponsor and the University.  Service type agreements are excluded from this provision.

  2. There are formal billings, financial reports, technical reports, activity reports or other end products required or specific performances required by the sponsoring agency.  This is not meant to cover end products generated as the result of contracted services (i.e. computer outputs, etc.)

  3. The sponsor has a brochure or other published guidelines for administration of the project which place restrictions on the use of the funds.

  4. There are specific limitations concerning patents, copyrights, publications or the use and ownership of equipment.

  5. The unused portion of the project funding must be returned at the end of a specified period.

  6. Funds are received and restricted for use by a designated person or persons, or laboratory for advancing research or for an educational project.

  7. Accounts that must be set up to administer income that is generated as the direct result of a Contract and Grant Administration project where the income must be used in accordance with some agency guidelines (i.e. income generated from project publications.)

Accounts to record gifts to the University, a Campus, School, or Department should be routed to the Joint Gift Office.  The purpose of this office is to record, deposit and acknowledge all gifts received by both Indiana University and Indiana University Foundation.

Each gift received must be communicated to the Joint Gift Office by means of a gift deposit slip (available from the Joint Gift Office).  In the case of a monetary gift, attach the form to the check along with copies of any additional correspondence concerning the gift.  The check and transmittal form are to be forwarded to the Showalter House, Bloomington Campus.  For gifts in kind, the Joint Gift Office should be contacted in order to ensure proper recording and acknowledgement.

On projects to be administered through Contract and Grant Administration, proposals must be processed through the proper offices with a route sheet before formal submission to the funding agency.  If a project is funded through some informal arrangement without having had a formal proposal submitted, a route sheet, copies of correspondence and explanation of what the project is, must be similarly routed before an account number will be established.