Subject:  Federal Government Furnished Equipment No.        89-22, Formerly 85-5
Date:    August 21, 1989

(Note: This Important Notice is being sent to Account Managers, Chairpersons, Deans and Chancellors. Please forward to others who have a need to know.)

    In order to fully comply with the Federal government’s requirements on property management, it is mandated that all Federally furnished equipment be included in the records of the University Property Management System (Inventory). These are items of equipment which are not purchased through a sponsored project but are shipped in for use by a faculty or staff member. The Federal government retains title to the equipment and, at the conclusion of the project on which the equipment was used, will issue disposition instructions. The disposition instructions can be to return the item to the Federal government, assign it to another on-going project, or convey title to the University.

    Whenever any federally furnished equipment and/or disposition instructions are received please advise Contract and Grant Administration in writing. The memo should include a description, model and/or serial number, along with copies of any paperwork that accompanies the equipment or is subsequently received. This will help insure that the University Property Management System’s records are adjusted in a timely manner. Written notification and/or any questions concerning Federal government furnished equipment should be directed to Contract and Grant Administration.