89-24  Obsolete

Changes in Administration of Public Health Service Research Grants
November 30, 1989

  1. Single Account Number - Since the Public Health Service now allows unlimited carryover of unexpended funds without agency approval on its "R" series Research Grants except R10, R18, R43 and R44 grants, we are no longer required to have a new account number annually.  In the recent survey of project directors, 92% favored a single account number for the entire project period of applicable research grants.  PHS training and center grants along with the above referenced "R" series exceptions will continue to have an annual account number assigned because of expenditures reporting limitations.  All applicable awards will be switched over from the Indiana University Foundation "50" accounts to the Indiana University "46" accounts group before the single account number concept is implemented.

  2. Public Health Service Prior Approval Requirements - The National Institutes of Health provided expanded authority for research activities at grantee institutions some tine ago.  This has now been expanded to all of the Public Health Service.