89-4  Obsolete

Change in Retirement, Fringe Benefit, and Travel Rates
May 26, 1989

Rate changes effective July 1, 1989 are listed for your used in future proposal preparations.  Indirect cost rates effective July 1, 1989 are currently under negotiation.  Continue to use the current rates below until new rates are established.

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement Dated June 29, 1987
						    July 1, 1987
Research					  to June 30, 1989
      On Campus						47.5%%
      Off Campus					27.7%%
      On Campus						77.6%
      Off Campus					28.8%
Other Sponsored Agreements
      On Campus						28.0%%
      Off Campus					23.5%

These rates are to be applied to the total direct costs less the following: equipment, the amount of each individual subgrant or subcontract, alteration and renovation expenses, IU Hospital charges and student aid costs (tuition and fellowships).

	Travel Regulations			 Rates effective January 1, 1989
						Domestic Travel	  Foreign Travel
	Lodging (maximum per night)	  		Actual	      Actual
	Meals (per day)			   		$24.00	      $30.00
Mileage allowance 24 cents per mile for the first 700 miles. Reimbursement for parking and tolls is available with receipts.  Reimbursement shall be in accordance with the University’s travel policies; see further details in the Indiana University Travel Regulations.
Retirement and Fringe Benefits effective July 1, 1989
A. TIAA-CREF for persons on 10 or 12 month appointment
TIAA-CREF Retirement 19.40%
FICA   7.65%
Other Fringe Benefits   6.90%
B. Fringe Benefits and Retirement Summer Salary on 10 month appointees
FICA   7.65%
Other Fringe Benefits   6.90%
C. Personnel Participating in PERF
PERF Retirement 11.25%
FICA   7.65%
Other Fringe Benefits   6.90%
D. Hourly Non-Student Personnel and In House Consultants
FICA   7.65%