89-9  Obsolete

Formerly 74-4

Subcontract Procedures
August 21, 1989

Subcontracting is necessary when a portion of the research or substantive effort of a sponsored program is to be performed or transferred to another organization where the original grantee (Indiana University) does not maintain direct scientific, administrative, and financial responsibility over the activity and funds.  Subcontracting does not include the purchase of commercially available supplies, materials, equipment or general support services.

Because most agencies require prior approval to subcontract, all subcontractual documents must be cleared in advance of the effective beginning date by the following offices:

    For Bloomington Campus:  Office of Research and the University Graduate School
    For IUPUI:  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    For Regional Campuses and Central:  Office of Contract and Grant Administration

The respective campus office and Contract and Grant Administration, in consultation with University Counsel, if necessary, will draft and review subcontracts to insure that:  proper approvals are obtained, maximum protection of the University is achieved, adherence to agency guidelines is observed, and assurance of subcontractor performance.  Only the Treasurer and/or his designated representatives of the University are authorized to commit the University to a subcontract.

When subcontracting is required, or even contemplated, please consult the appropriate campus office and Contract and Grant Administration as soon as possible to insure proper clearance and quick processing through University channels.