90-4  Obsolete

Fee Remission Charges on Sponsored Projects
June 8, 1990

Effective immediately, fee remissions should be added to all proposals where there are qualified graduate teaching or research assistants paid from the project. The amount should be shown in the budget in the “other” category and should be excluded from the calculation of indirect cost whenever full recovery rates are used. Charging of fee remissions to individual accounts will actually begin with the fall semester.

Qualifications will be as follows:

The amount to be included in the proposal for each qualified graduate student will be as follows:

This amount is to cover the equivalent of instate fees (less the unremittable fee to be paid by the student) for all qualified graduate students. If the student is out-of-state, the difference between instate and out-of-state fees will be covered by the employing school.

*If the proposal is for less than a year the fee remission should be prorated.