91-1  Obsolete

Current Listing of External Reporting (FMS) Project Officers and Account Monitors
February 21, 1991

The External Reporting Section (Formerly Contract and Grant Administration) of the Financial Management Support Department has recently undergone some personnel changes and a redistribution of sponsored project account groups. These changes are as follow:

Irene Adams, 855-8691 and Betty Pierson, 855-9383
Other Federal Agencies 43 and 53 Accounts
Foundations 44 Accounts
Charlie Dyer, 855-7110 and Barbara Reifeis, 855-9122
U.S. Public Health Service 46 and 50 Accounts
Rick Morron, 855-8675 and Arlene Richardson, 855-5600
Non-Profit Organizations 41 and 57 Accounts
National Science Foundation 48 Accounts
Ethel Workman, 855-6908, Patti Quimby, 855-8799, Tereasa West, 855-5350
Foundations 54 Accounts
State of Indiana Agencies 47 Accounts
Tereasa West maintains and reports the following accounts:
47-100-XX - 47-697-XX
54-100-XX - 54-697-XX
Patti Quimby maintains and reports the following accounts:
47-700-XX - 47-993-XX
54-700-XX - 54-993-XX
Jan Young, 855-5326 and Lana Buskirk, 855-0250
Other Non-Federal Organizations 40 and 59 Accounts
U.S. Department of Education 42 and 49 Accounts
Industrial/Commercial Organizations 45 and 56 Accounts
June Eckerle, 855-7079 and Kris Cain, 855-0250
New account number assignment and deposit of receipts for contract and grant accounts.