91-2  Obsolete

Submission Problems on U.S. Public Health Service Applications
February 28, 1991


The U.S. Public Health Service Division of Research Grants issued NIH Guide Volume 20, No. 5 dated February 5, 1991 on type size limitations for its PHS 398 Application Kits. The following is taken from this guide which was effective February 1, 1991.

"It is also essential that type size limitations be observed throughout the application, or the application will be returned without review. For the first (face) page, the type density must be 10 characters per inch (cpi). This limit is to assure that all data typed on this page can be captured for computer processing without truncation. For the rest of the application, the type must be standard size, which is 10 to 12 points (approximately 1/8 inch in height for capital letters). If constant spacing is used, there should be no more than 15 cpi, whereas proportional spacing should provide an average of 15 cpi. Finally, there must be no more than six lines of text within a vertical inch. Figures, charts, tables, figure legends, and footnotes may be smaller in size but must be clear and readily legible. Applications not meeting these requirements will be returned without review, or may be subject to deferral."

If you have any questions, contact:

The Referral Office
Division of Research Grants
National Institutes of Health
Westwood Building, Room 248
Bethesda, MD 20892
Telephone: (301) 496-7447

There have already been several PHS applications returned to Indiana University without review where the type size used did not meet the above criteria.


For both competing applications (Form PHS 398) and noncompeting continuation applications (Form PHS 2590), the OTHER SUPPORT page must indicate either yes or no whether program income is anticipated during the period(s) for which grant support is requested. If the answer is "yes", the amount and source(s) of such income by budget period also must be indicated.