91-6  Obsolete

Legal Name/Authorized Signature on Contract Documents
November 20, 1991

Clarification of University Contract Policy: In all sponsored program agreements involving Indiana University, the name of the institution should be "The Trustees of Indiana University" or "Indiana University." The one exception to this is that all agreements with the Lilly Endowment should be made in the name of the "Indiana University Foundation."

Schools and departments within the University are not legal entities and, therefore, should not be parties to agreements. If desirable, language similar to the following may be used: "Indiana University for and on behalf of its School of __________________ (or Department of _________________ )."

The official authorized to sign agreements for the University is Mr. William E. Farquhar, Director, Contract and Grant Administration. For the Indiana University Foundation, the authorized official is Mr. William E. Farquhar, Assistant Secretary. In some cases, the project director's signature is also required by the awarding agency. This is acceptable and even desirable, especially on industrial/commercial agreements. However, the only authorized and binding signature for the University is that of Mr. Farquhar.

All negotiations pertaining to agreements must include an official of the University who has been authorized to do so. Persons at IUPUI should contact Ms. Pamela McKeough, Director, Sponsored Program Administration, for federal and other non-industrial agreements or Mr. Ike Levy, Associate Dean, Research and Sponsored Programs, for industrial/corporate agreements. For all other campuses, Mr. William Zerface, Director, Sponsored Research Services, should be contacted. If patent and licensing issues are involved, Melvin DeGeeter, Director of Technology Transfer will also become involved. Each agreement will be negotiated in close cooperation with the project director.