92-3  Obsolete

New Indirect Cost Rates
June 11, 1992

The Office of Management and Budget has amended the A-21 costing principles for educational institutions. A cap has been placed on the administrative cost pools which results in changes to our rates for all projects awarded after July 1, 1992. These rates replace those published in Important Notice 91-3 dated April 10, 1991.

Research			1990-91		1991-92		1992-93		1993-94

On campus			50.0%		51.0%		51.8%		52.7%
Off Campus			26.0		26.0		26.0		26.0
General Clinic
     Research Center		27.7		27.7		27.7		28.0


On Campus			70.0		70.0		64.5		64.5
Off Campus			31.5		31.5		31.5		31.5

Other Sponsored Agreements

On Campus			32.0		32.0		31.0		31.0
Off Campus			27.0		27.0		26.0		26.0

The Indirect Cost Agreement date is May 13, 1992.

The 1993-94 rates should be used for proposals extending past that time until new rates are established.

For proposals being submitted that involve two or more fiscal years, budget the rate for the full year that is applicable on the first day of the proposal budget period. For example, if a proposal is being submitted with a budget year from October 1, 1992 to September 30, 1993, use the rate that is applicable on the first day of each budget period.

These rates are applicable to total direct cost less the following: equipment, the amount of each subgrant or subcontract, alteration or renovation expense, I.U. Hospital charges, tuition remissions and student aid cost (tuition and fellowships).