94-1  Obsolete

NSF Changes
March 25, 1994

The National Science Foundation has published Important Notice 116 introducing the new "Grant Proposal Guide" (GPG, NSF 94-2) which replaces the previous NSF proposal guidelines "Grants for Research and Education in Science and Engineering" (GRESE, NSF 92-89). Those submitting NSF proposals should obtain copies of the GPG which includes a proposal forms kit from the Bloomington Office of Sponsored Research Services or the Indianapolis Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. The NSF states that the old forms will not be accepted for proposals submitted after April 4, 1994.

The NSF has indicated that this

NSF has indicated that forms may be duplicated or reproduced as the need arises. The forms will also be available from the NSF's Science and Technology Information System (STIS) (anticipated date 3/7/94). Instructions for accessing STIS are contained on the inside front cover of the GPG.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to one of the research offices.