94-3  Obsolete

Financial Information System Implementation
June 6, 1994

The implementation of the new Financial Information System (FIS) is underway. You will begin seeing some changes in Contract and Grant accounts very soon; others will take place over time.

The Transaction Processing (TP) component of the FIS allows departments to enter financial transactions and requests for new accounts via an electronic forms environment. About 30 departments which are "early adopters" of the system began using the FIS/TP environment in mid-May. Contract and Grant Administration also began using the system in mid-May.

The Decision Support (DS) component of the FIS allows departments to access data and receive reports more quickly, with more useful and detailed information. The FIS data repository has more data fields available, so you will begin to see some changes in how various items are coded, in order to take advantage of all the new information. For example, the account title for C&G accounts will begin to look more meaningful, and codes previously embedded in the title will be available elsewhere.

Over the next few months, more departments will begin using the FIS, and training sessions on all campuses are being scheduled.

New reports will be replacing the current Statement of Account reports that all Account Managers receive each month. For the months of May and June, Account Managers should receive copies of both reports. After the first of the fiscal year, when the old system is retired, only the new reports will be generated.

Because the changes will be evolutionary, we'll be communicating with you periodically to keep you updated on the FIS.