94-6  Obsolete

Digest Improvements
August 22, 1994

Effective immediately, you will begin seeing some minor changes in the Award/Account Digest forms. With the implementation of the Financial Information System (FIS) and the new Chart of Accounts, some of the data fields belonging with an account are changing slightly, as follows.

  1. The account "inception date" and "expiration date" reflect the time period when financial transactions against the account can be made. This time frame could be different from the actual award period (i.e., in the case of 90-day pre-award cases or when expiration dates are extended for a variety of reasons), but it is intended to show the financial availability of the account. Both the account inception/expiration dates and the award stop/start dates will be displayed on the digest.
  2. The "function code" now represents a very detailed function grouping for the university, used for reporting to a variety of governmental bodies. The categories of research, public service, and instruction are broken down into finer levels of detail, but can be rolled up to the more aggregate functions for summary reporting purposes.

As the FIS continues to evolve, more changes will be coming. In the near future, many of you may be able to access information on-line instead of via paper forms. You will be kept up to date about these changes as they occur.