95-12  Obsolete

Labor Operating Procedures and Reports
September 25, 1995

This is an update on the procedures and reports for labor-related information on contract and grant accounts. Some things have changed with the implementation of the new Labor Ledger and Salary and Benefits Transfer documents, and others have not.

What has NOT changed?

Continuation account notices are being sent each month by FMS C&G to a distribution list so that automatic PAF’s can be entered into the system for those grant accounts that have received grant continuations. This will continue to be done so that departments do not have to process PAF’s for these grant continuations.

There is still a C&G clearing account where payrolls on expired grant accounts are booked. FMS C&G will continue to clear this account each month by doing salary transfers and benefits transfers to the appropriate grant accounts. Because in most cases, the payroll should be booked to the expired account, we are looking into the idea of having a “grace” period where payrolls continue to hit the expired grant accounts for 90 days after expiration.

Pooled benefits are calculated based upon object code, not upon the person’s benefits received.

Payrolls are identified on the labor operating report with the payroll end date. The A-21 period is the fiscal period in which the payroll is booked.

What has changed?

The Salary Transfer (ST) and Benefits Transfer (BT) documents in TP are financial documents, not payroll documents. This means they are posted each evening to the Labor Ledger and General Ledger.

The Salary Transfer and Benefits Transfer documents were created so that departments can use them and see the results immediately in TP. If departments want FMS to complete the TP documents, requests may be sent to FMS and the documents will be completed when time permits.

The Salary Transfer and Benefits Transfer documents carry a fiscal period but not a payroll period.

The Salary Transfer document automatically calculates benefits and moves them too. The Benefits Transfer document is used for moving benefits only. (If the ST is used and benefits should not be moved, then a BT can be done to move them back.)

The expense distribution report is no longer being printed. This is because only payrolls are available on it and the Salary Transfer and Benefits Transfer documents would not appear.

The Labor Operating Report displays a total calculation for benefits for each payroll entry.

Encumbrances are being booked after every payroll cycle based upon PAF activity. If a grant account expires before the end of the appointment, the encumbrance is rolled to the continuation account. As PAF’s are updated, the changes in encumbrances will be reflected after each payroll is run.

If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact one of the following FMS representatives who would be happy to help you: the C&G Analyst for your account, your C&G Consultant, or the FMS Customer Service area.